Operations of the Group


Don’t just make something. Make something extraordinary

Manufacturing is the soul of our company. We were born to produce. We deliver world-leading products to our customers by putting them at the center of our daily work.


We work hard to understand our customers' needs and provide exceptional service – from the beginning to the end of every project.

Our commitment

Our operations and manufacturing team's proven processes, quality output, and expertise are the keys to our success.


Fast Forward Operations


With 23 plants in North America producing multiple products and solutions for customers across various markets, we are constantly innovating to improve and harmonize our production practices to avoid waste and pave the way for a more sustainable future.

Cohesion will help our company grow and benefit our customers, employees and shareholders.


Fast Forward is at the heart of our operations strategy. It draws together new and existing initiatives focusing on increased value for the customer. How will it achieve this? By promoting speed and adaptation across three main areas:

  1. People – training and the creation of a Good Practice Network
  2. Production resources – cost efficiency, lean and simple production, product quality
  3. Production technology – Factory 4.0

Speed is a critical factor in our product and service delivery and will help put us ahead of our competition. We provide our customers with the best-in-class speedy service. We begin with swift identification of our customer's exact needs and are supported by on-time delivery of customized, high-quality products and solutions, backed by the guarantee of prompt management of any critical situations. But, we won't stop there. We streamline our decision-making processes to maneuver effectively in response to market demands.

In addition to speedy service, our Fast Forward strategy enhances our capability to adapt our service and supply chain according to market fluctuation and customer needs. Agility is key in managing customer requirements and to that end, we are investing in large, modern centers of excellence to meet demands regionally and internationally.

We also offer professional training courses that teach our operations team how to improve the manufacturing chain using the Lean Six Sigma principles. In addition, we have a dedicated 6-person LSS team that travels around the world to teach our operations teams techniques to drive operational efficiency.

To develop our ability to deliver fast, flexible service, we invest in our human capital. Therefore, professional training courses that strengthen our people's leadership and technical skills are key. In addition, we want to empower our workforce to continue creating customer-centric products and services.


As a result, we launched the Good Practice Network focusing on the following initiatives:

  1. The Manufacturing Academy
  2. The Make It Program