Asset Monitoring with PRY-CAM

The worlds of monitoring, condition assessment and asset management of electrical systems are undergoing a revolution that can help to prevent failures and service interruptions, increasing uptime and safety, enhancing assets longevity and significantly reducing maintenance costs and risks.


It’s a revolution that harnesses the extraordinary possibilities of the Internet of Things, and where key parameters measurement and condition assessment data can be collected and stored via private Cloud, to be accessed and shared remotely, allowing effective maintenance strategies for electrical assets and learning for continuous improvement.


PRY-CAM is faster, more data-driven and more effective than before, solving problems today and delivering learning for tomorrow. It’s a fast, flexible, reliable game-changer and a breakthrough technology paired with a suite of electronics-based products that allow online measurement and data gathering of key parameters without service interruption, with a database of more than five million measurements that had never been classified and stored before Prysmian did it.


Hundreds of failures have already been prevented using PRY-CAM condition assessment and defect localization systems and services. 

PRY-CAM supports customers not only with products but also with services provided directly by its experts.


  • Remote data analysis;
  • Spot PD measurement;
  • Commissioning of electrical systems.


For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the team.

To face the growing challenges related to the complexity, reliability, safety and continuity of supply of electrical systems, our customers are becoming more and more data-driven, requiring the support of an extended, powerful and actual database.


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