Innovation: Energy & Communications Goals


Empowering customers to meet their energy and communications goals

At Prysmian Group, innovation means meeting the needs of our customers and communities by understanding their business drivers as quickly as they do. Our team of over 900 research and development professionals is always on the lookout for the next big thing.


Our ability to innovate makes us a market leader with a track record of delivering products that are faster, smarter and more sustainable than before.


Global leadership through innovation


Being a leader means knowing how to innovate. Our forward-looking R&D team knows how to push our boundaries to find ways to make next-generation cables that are lighter, tougher, and greener.

R&D Centers

Our pursuit of knowledge makes us the best in class.


Our 25 R&D centers give us the advantage of being close
to our customers in local markets.

Intellectual Property

Combining expertise, creativity and innovation to deliver world-firsts and world-exclusives
Thanks to our intense R&D activities and major investments, Prysmian’s products are market leaders.


Good isn’t good enough. Outstanding is better.


At Prysmian, we’re obsessed with quality; our culture is built around it

Meet Alesea: Virtual Business Assistant

Alesea, a revolutionary IoT device, transforms traditional cable reels into smart assets that support customers in improving operational efficiencies and inventory management while lessening the environmental impact through optimized logistics, minimized cable waste and improved recycling of steel reels.
Equipped with a GPS tracker, environmental sensors, motion detectors and mobile communications, Alesea lets customers track real-time reel location and identify potential theft or manipulation. In addition, customers access inventory visibility, actionable notifications and information about their cable reels' geolocation, status, usage, and handling conditions using Alesea's cloud-based and intuitive web platform. Through this data, Alesea aims to keep cable waste and scrap to a minimum.
By making the transport of empty drums more efficient, Alesea will play a vital role in the industry, helping companies lessen CO2 emissions by maximizing transportation and recycling efficiencies and reducing the need for new steel reel production.