Prysmian Group North America Brands


A Strong Portfolio of Industry-Trusted Brands

Prysmian's multi-product brand architecture represents the uncompromising quality and durability of our wire and cable products. Rooted in our rich legacy, Prysmian’s brands emphasize the quality, durability and reliability our customers have come to expect, while innovating and evolving to meet the changing needs of our industry.

Over the past 70 years, Prysmian’s CAROL® brand has become synonymous with excellence in wire & cable products. Today, CAROL has retained that legacy with an eye on the future as a premium brand with a complete portfolio of cord & cordsets, electronics wire & cable and datacom products.

GenSPEED® offers the world's largest selection of datacom copper category and fiber optic cables. That means a single source for any cable networking need. Making it easier than ever to access, distribute and install the cables needed to connect even the most complex network systems.

Our state-of-the-art AIRGUARD® cable systems support countless applications, including offshore oil and gas drilling, oil and gas extraction and storage equipment, pipelines, refining, petrochemicals, mining, food and beverage, steel and other industries. Our proprietary AIRGUARD polymeric-armored cable solution eliminates the need for outdated interlocked and continuously corrugated and welded cables. It is now available in High Voltage, Medium Voltage, Low Voltage, Instrumentation and Fiber Optic cable constructions.

Our STABILOY® and NUAL® brands of aluminum alloy building wire are recognized for their high quality and reliable, long-term performance. Consisting of service entrance cables for residential applications and power distribution feeder cables for commercial, institutional and industrial construction applications, these aluminum alloy building wire products are proven, cost-effective solutions that have been installed in thousands of buildings across North America.

ANCONDA® mining cables have stood alone as the industry-standard mining cable since 1929. Our lead-cured mining cables are designed for unsurpassed service life in the harshest mining applications. ANACONDA offers a complete product offering from 2kV through 35KV in single and multicore designs.

With the widest portfolio of fire-resistive cable systems in North America, our Lifeline® technology offers ease of installation, the best value in the electrical industry, and most importantly, UL-certified code compliance for life safety applications. Lifeline fire-resistive cables are equipped with a unique, ceramified silicone technology to keep vital communication and power systems operational during extreme fire conditions.

PRY-CAM is a breakthrough electrical system monitoring, condition assessment, and asset management technology. By providing real-time feedback on all electrical assets from 3kV to 600kV, PRY-CAM can analyze a component’s temperature profile, partial discharge, possible hot spots, and load-increase capabilities. It also monitors and provides alerts for other potential issues, including possible moisture inside the cable screen, strain, torsion, flooding, smoke, and fire.