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Linking power to renewable growth

To meet an ever-growing need for power, the world is increasingly turning to renewable and sustainably-sourced energy.

In response to this demand, Prysmian Group’s cables are helping businesses in the solar industry around the globe to convert these new opportunities into reality.

Shining bright in the solar energy market

Always aware of our responsibility to the planet, we're constantly driving innovation in our industry, aiming to help renewable industry partners deliver projects with benefits for the future of both our world and their businesses.


And so, reflecting this commitment to both innovation and sustainability, we offer a full range of quality solar and photovoltaic (PV) products, renowned in the field for their easy installation, reliability and longevity attributes and complying with all major international standards.

Our customers

Our technologies are hard at work across the renewables sector, supporting the operations of contractors, developers, grid operators, PV panel makers, PV power generation system integrators and even entire solar parks.


In recent years, Prysmian has supplied components and services to worldwide solar installations from residential installation to large scale utility projects. The total amount of equipment supplied exceeds a generation capacity of 40 GW.

From a company committed to environmental stewardship and renewable energy, the SunGen® UL 4703 suite of (PV) products are designed to effectively and efficiently connect solar panels and concentrated solar power technologies while being able to withstand the harsh operating environments of solar power applications.

  • Resistant to UV/sunlight, ozone and water absorption
  • Rated for direct burial
  • Stable electrical properties over a broad temperature range (-40°C to 90°C)
  • Excellent flexibility and performance in low-temperature environments
  • Highly resistant to deformation, even in prolonged exposure at high temperatures
  • Mechanically rugged construction resists cutting, tearing and abrasions
  • CSA RPV90 and RPVU90 options available
  • Single and multiconductor cable constructions
  • 18 AWG—1000 kcmil stranded copper and 6 AWG1000 kcmil aluminum conductors

Prysmian also offers complete cables solutions to enable the production and supply of solar energy. In addition to solar PV cables, the Group’s cable portfolio includes low-, medium- and high-voltage cables engineered according to the most known standards of each region, as well as special cables for communication and control.


In addition to cables, Prysmian offers electrical asset management solutions with PRY-CAM, the revolutionary technology for online, accurate and reliable partial discharge measurements, diagnosis and defect localization.

Prysmian offers a comprehensive range of LV and MV accessories for glanding, jointing, connecting and terminating. The product portfolio includes joints (also transition, trifurcating and branch joints), terminations (indoor and outdoor), connectors, separable connectors, glands, cleats and fixings, low-voltage link boxes, tooling and resins.


If additional service is required, we also provide engineering support services for all power system specifications and requirements.

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