LV and MV Cable Accessories


Accessories play a vital role in a power system

With over 25 years of expertise in the design, manufacturing, testing and installation of wire and cable and cable accessories products across all voltages, Prysmian offers a comprehensive range of accessories for splicing, terminating, grounding and glanding applications. Our product portfolio includes splices, terminations (indoor and outdoor), connectors, loadbreak elbows, deadbreak T bodies, glands, cleats and fixings, tooling and resins.


If additional service is required, we also provide engineering support services for all power system specifications and requirements.

Prysmian offers a full line of ElaspeedTM splices for 5kV, 15KV, 25/28KV and 35KV applications.


Our Elaspeed splices utilize cold shrink EPDM technology like medium-voltage cable and are widely recognized as the leading edge “delivery system” for medium-voltage cable accessories. It’s a simple, robust, reliable, user-friendly, safe and flexible solution. No special tools or torches are required. Cold shrinking the joint ensures concentric splice recovery.


In addition, Prysmian’s newly introduced Elaspeed Compact Series provides 20-25% space savings for tight locations. All Elaspeed splices conform to IEEE 404 specifications.

Prysmian offers a new line of outdoor polymer cold shrink terminations for 5kV, 15kV, 25/28kV and 35kV applications. The indoor ColdfitTM termination is available for 5-15kV shielded applications. The ColdFit outdoor PCT (with sheds) and indoor PICT (without sheds) are medium-voltage cold shrink polymer terminations designed for fast, easy and reliable installation.


The new ColdFit terminations shrink evenly on the cable as the “best-in-class” inner support core is removed. The top mastic water seal is built into the ColdFit termination. No complicated assembly or heat is required. All ColdFit terminations conform to IEEE 48 specifications.

Prysmian offers separable connectors for both loadbreak elbows and deadbreak T bodies for 15/25/35k V applications. All insulating and conducting rubber components are made of a special formulation of an EPDM elastomer using a peroxide-curing process. The material and curing process provides superior elastomer stress relaxation characteristics under high-ambient temperatures and contributes to reliable, long-time operation in either above-ground or subsurface installations. All separable connectors conform to IEEE 386 specifications.

09 Jun 2023

25 kV Elaspeed™ Compact Splice Installation Demo

09 Jun 2023

35 kV Elaspeed™ Splice Installation Demo

09 Jun 2023

Outdoor Coldfit™ Termination up to 25 kV for Jacketed Concentric Neutral Cable

09 Jun 2023

Outdoor Coldfit™ Termination up to 35 kV for Jacketed Concentric Neutral Cable

09 Jun 2023

Indoor Coldfit™ Termination up to 15 kV for Metallic Tape Shielded Cable

09 Jun 2023

15 kV Loadbreak Elbows for Metallic Tape Shielded Cable Installation Demo

09 Jun 2023

15/25 kV Deadbreak T-Body Elbows for Metallic Tape Shielded Cable Installation Demo

09 Jun 2023

Three Conductor AIRGUARD<sup>®</sup> Termination up to 25Kv with Copper Tape Shields Demo Video

09 Jun 2023

Low Voltage AIRGUARD<sup>®</sup> Preparation and DRYLAM<sup>®</sup> Grounding Procedure Demo Video

09 Jun 2023

LV AIRGUARD<sup>®</sup> Grounding Procedure Demo

09 Jun 2023

AIRGUARD® DRYLAM® Layer Grounding Procedure Demo

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