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Quality cables for a safe environment

Our building wire products provide secure, reliable power to buildings and structures.


Prysmian manufactures a range of electric cables appropriate for building wire applications. Our portfolio includes a complete line of Copper Building Wire and STABILOY® and NUAL® Aluminum Alloy Building Wire, as well as CAROL® Industrial and Cord products, to serve virtually all the requirements of the electrical industry.


Our engineers provide technical support in the cable specification process to ensure proper cable selection that will meet project requirements and local and national electrical codes.

Our Solutions

We have a wide range of electric cable products for building wire applications. Our cables include products suitable for all domestic and commercial wiring circuits. So whatever the project, we have a solution for our customers' every requirement.

Copper Building Wire

Copper Building Wire

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Aluminum Building Wire

Aluminum Building Wire

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Cords & Cordsets

Cords & Cordsets

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All cables are not the same

Supporting the growing need for quality

Prysmian is helping to build the cities of the future today. Our market-leading safety technology is supported by efficient installation and maintenance processes to deliver the latest in performance, flexibility and cost-efficiency.


Cable quality has never been so crucial. We support the construction industry as it searches for new ways to maintain the quality of life for urban dwellers. All while enabling efficient installation times and providing effective new safety solutions.


Low fire hazard and fire-resistant solutions

We are committed to safety.

The performance of cables in a fire is critical. As connectors of a building, poor-quality cables can hasten the spread of fire, putting people and property at risk.


We offer our customers a complete service, meeting not only the technical needs of each project but suggesting and implementing solutions for increased safety. We aim to provide groundbreaking products with superior performance and and meeteet the highest standards of product safety to prevent and limit the effects of fire.


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