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At Prysmian, our mission is to supply our customers with the most innovative, technologically advanced and appropriate cables—no matter the project.


Our portfolio is recognized worldwide for its leadership and breadth in power, control and instrumentation cable products offering solutions that span a broad range of manufacturing and industrial distribution applications, engineered to perform reliably in the most demanding environments.


Our industry-certified industrial instrumentation, power and control cables, and AIRGUARD® armored cables serve the full spectrum of customer requirements.

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Amored Cables

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When faced with aggressive environments and high-mechanical stresses, cable manufacturers have traditionally protected their cables with a lead sheath and metal armor that increase the weight of the cable and reduce the installation flexibility.


Low fire hazard and fire-resistant solutions

17 FREE® and GenFREE® LSZH Cables


17 FREE® cable constructions feature substantiated green properties and are offered at competitive prices. Furthermore, with the removal of halogens, this revolutionary 17 FREE line does not contain any chlorine, fluorine, bromine or iodine, truly resulting in a less toxic, more environmentally friendly "green" product.


Our line of GenFREE® II Low-Smoke, Zero-Halogen low-voltage power cables with 17 FREE technology offers superior flame resistance, low-smoke emission and no halogens. Available in Type XHHW-2 single conductor designs, these cables are ideal for use in closed environments or populated spaces where more stringent customer specifications for smoke- and halogen-free material are desired.


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