Control & Power Cables | Prysmian Group


A higher standard of cable

Essential equipment at the core of automation or computer applications can require a higher standard of cable.


Wherever you need electrical or digital cables that keep performance stable, we can supply the control cables that keep your project running smoothly.


Our control, power and instrumentation cables are designed for customers who need a solution for challenging conditions, including use in hazardous areas, areas with heavy electromagnetic noise or where the highest standard of fire resistance is necessary.




Consistent supply, even in challenging conditions

At Prysmian, functionality, safety and resilience are core to the cables we manufacture. Providing an extensive range of control, power and instrumentation cables means our customers can trust us to find the perfect solution for any job, every time.

Control & Power Cables


Prysmian offers a large spectrum of 600-volt multiconductor control and power cable constructions to meet your specific design requirements including our legacy brands of CVTC® Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) shielded cable, VNTC® control and power cable, and FREP® control UL Type TC-ER cable.

Instrumentation Cables


Our instrumentation cables ensure the reliable performance and monitoring of machinery and equipment which are critical to the operations of industrial plants and manufacturing facilities.