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Armored Cables

Prysmian Group’s armored cable products offer distinct advantages and deliver maximum performance and ease of installation for a broad range of commercial, industrial and utility applications. The unique characteristics of this all-in-one cable assembly provide an alternative to labor-intensive, cable-in-conduit installation methods. Featuring aluminum interlocked armor or continuously welded corrugated aluminum sheath (CCW®) and AIRGUARD® Cable Solutions, Prysmian’s armored cables demonstrate excellent crush, heat, moisture and chemical resistance to meet the requirements of harsh industrial conditions and hazardous locations.

CCW® Continuously Corrugated Welded Cable product line is used in oil, gas and petrochemical industrial applications for power, control, instrumentation and communications. Available in 300 Volt to 35 kV designs, these cables are impervious to gas, liquids and vapors, making them the preferred cable solution in hazardous locations.


CCW cable is approved for use in Class I, II and III, Divisions 1 and 2; and Class I, Zones 1 and 2 hazardous locations per NEC Articles 501, 502, and 503.

Our Duralox® armored control and power cables feature a flame-retardant, sunlight- and moisture-resistant PVC jacket over the aluminum interlocked armor to ensure long-term cable performance. Our Duralox® Uniblend® armored cables include an extruded strand shield consisting of a thermoset semi-conducting extruded layer over the conductor to protect the conductor from stress and an extruded insulation shield. Available in 600 Volt to 35 kV constructions, these cable assemblies can be installed exposed and concealed wiring in wet or dry locations, indoors or outdoors, and in exposed and concealed work.

Prysmian’s TECK90 Armored and Control Cable is factory assembled and tested for use as wiring in all hazardous locations when used with certified HL cable glands per the guidelines of the Canadian Electrical Code. Recognized as a cost-effective alternative to installation in conduit, TECK90 cable can be installed as exposed and concealed wiring in dry, damp or wet locations. TECK90 cable features a lightweight aluminum interlocked armor with an overall PVC jacket.


Our VERTITECK® TECK90 cable features an inner PVC jacket under the steel galvanized armor designed with longitudinal raised ribs that allow the armor to bite into the ribs. This design provides a solidly locked construction which enables the cable to be self-supporting during vertical installations when cable weight is supported by the copper conductors.

When faced with aggressive environments and high mechanical stresses, cable manufacturers have traditionally protected their cables with a lead sheath and metal armor that increase the weight of the cable and reduce the installation flexibility.