Prysmian Group’s state-of-the-art AIRGUARD® cable systems support countless applications, including Offshore oil and gas drilling, oil and gas extraction and storage equipment, pipelines, refining, petrochemicals, mining, food and beverage, steel and other industries. AIRGUARD® cable solutions provide three to five times more mechanical protection than metal-armored cables while minimizing the impact of harsh environments.


Our AIRGUARD® polymeric-armored cable solution eliminates the need for outdated interlocked and continuously corrugated and welded cables as it is now available in High Voltage, Medium Voltage, Low Voltage, Instrumentation and Fiber Optic cable constructions. The combination of AIRGUARD® cable and Prysmian’s extensive offering of terminations, splices, cable glands and tools provide a turnkey system and make Prysmian the right choice for the demands of today.

AIRGUARD® Low Voltage Power Cables are primarily designed for applications and environments found in heavy industrial, VFD applications and offshore markets. Its rugged polymeric AIR BAG™ armor and chemical barrier protection package makes it the ideal cable choice for tough, harsh environmental conditions and is rated for Class I Div. I locations.

Low Voltage AIRGUARD has been designed to reduce installation costs in the field, while improving the overall cable performance as compared to Type MC and MC-HL alternatives. Low Voltage AIRGUARD’s flexibility and strippability has been proven to save as much as 18% in the installation cost over MC-HL.



AIRGUARD® cables are a direct replacement for continuously corrugated and welded aluminum armored cables (CCW). With five times the impact performance, three times the sidewall bearing pressure limit and a crush strength of 2500 psi MV AIRGUARD can not only make lengths more than two times longer than CCW, they can be installed without a splice. Also, with AIRGUARD’s excellent chemical resistance, it can be installed in direct burial applications, saving time and money over tray, conduit and duct system installations. 



AIRGUARD® Features & Benefits

No Knife? No Problem! The combination of a unique design and strategically placed ripcords allows AIRGUARD® cables to be stripped much faster and safer than metal-clad cables, without the worry of nicked or damaged phase conductors.

Chemical Resistance
The hydrocarbon-blocking layer, combined with a metallic shield, prevents the attack of moisture and liquids such as hydrocarbons and solvents, acids and bases.

Mechanical Protection
The Airbag™ layer has been proven in millions of meters of installed cable to absorb physical shock and reduce the damage to a cable core.

Electrical Properties
The metallic layer provides electromagnetic shielding and a current-carrying path for harmonics found with variable frequency drive motors.

Flame Retardant
Not propagating a fire is a critical design parameter of any cable for the industrial market. Low-voltage AIRGUARD passes all the industry-standard flame tests, including IEEE 1202, FT-4 and IEEE 383 210,000 BTU flame test.

VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) 
All sizes are offered with an overall shielded, 3 conductors and 3 segmented ground design perfect for VFD installations. A combination of flexibility, durability, and chemical resistance, AIRGUARD® is dependable in most of the harshest Industrial Machinery environments. 

Ideal for Direct Burial Under Heavy Haul Roads

3-5x Crush Rating Compared to MC-HL Cable

09 Jun 2023


09 Jun 2023

AIRGUARD® DRYLAM® Layer Grounding Procedure Demo

09 Jun 2023

LV AIRGUARD® Preparation and DRYLAM® Grounding Procedure Demo

21 Dec 2021

LV AIRGUARD® Cable Prep (Long Clip)

21 Dec 2021

LV AIRGUARD® Cable Prep (Short Clip)