Portable Monitoring System Solutions


For data-driven power

PD measurement is a key parameter to assessing the conditions of any electrical system. Nevertheless, PD testing has never been widely used as a powerful online diagnostic tool due to several limitations of traditional PD technologies, which are usually complex, expensive, unscalable to the whole asset, and nearly impossible to integrate with all key asset parameters. In addition, defect detection and localisation can’t always be performed online.
PRY-CAM innovative wireless technology allows PD testing to be performed online - i.e. without having to switch the system off - and without the need for a direct connection to what is being tested, which means also greater safety for operators.
PRY-CAM PORTABLE is an integrated portable instrument for the automatic acquisition, processing and classification of pulse signals generated by PD phenomena occurring in insulating materials of Medium and High Voltage electrical systems and equipment, such as transformers, electrical machines, cables systems and switchgear. It provides an instant snapshot of the conditions of the object being monitored, that is easy and immediate to read thanks to a red-yellow-green traffic-light-like visual interface, based on a proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm.


  • Suitable for any electrical equipment from 3 kV to 600 kV
  • Suitable for AC and DC
  • Suitable for cable systems, transformers, switchgear and electrical machines


With 100% of critical defects detected, up to 80% of faults avoided, 70% measurement time saved against traditional technologies and up to 5x higher sensitivity on small defects PRY-CAM PORTABLE proves to be faster, more accurate and more effective than ever before.

PRY-CAM PORTABLE can be operated in 3 different modes: BASIC, ADVANCED and PREMIUM, depending on your information needs and expertise.

Every single PD measurement can be saved alongside other useful details, such as pictures, recorded messages, GPS coordinates, notes and tags.
You can choose to store your data on a private cloud platform for future data retrieval and analysis. You can also have virtual access to Prysmian PRY-CAM experts for remote advanced diagnosis.