Prysmian Group NA Releases BendBright A2 Bend-Insensitive Fiber

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Prysmian NA announces the North American release of BendBright™ A2 bend-insensitive fiber that splices seamlessly with standard single-mode fibers.

Highland Heights, KY   -   17/06/2020 - 12:00 AM

Prysmian Group, world leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry, announces the North American release of BendBright™ A2 bend-insensitive fiber, a new G.657.A2 fiber that splices seamlessly with standard single mode fibers. BendBright A2 features an optimized design with the same mode field diameter as standard G.652.D fibers to ensure full compatibility with a G.652.D installed base. This innovation enables next-level cable designs and bend performance, while streamlining field optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) testing protocols.

“Some North American customers have been reluctant to use G.657.A2 fibers because of OTDR artifacts that occur when splicing them to standard single mode fibers”, said Jon Fitz, director of advanced business solutions. “Bendbright A2 is a game-changer because it lets customers enjoy the extreme bend performance of an A2 fiber with the splicing convenience of a G.657.A1 design.”

G.657.A1 fibers have been widely deployed because of their bend performance and ease of use with standard single mode fibers, but A1 fibers don’t deliver the same bend performance as A2 fibers. “Our latest generation microduct cables have set records for fiber density,” said Ian Griffiths, director of R&D telecom. “These densities require the sort of bend performance that only G.657.A2 fibers can provide, particularly where 200- and 180-micron fibers are used.”

Bend-insensitive fibers also benefit network operators by conserving optical power in closures and other locations where bending losses can quickly add up. “Next generation networks need enhanced reliability, especially at longer wavelengths,” said Marc-Olivier Blais, product manager, optical fiber. “Our BendBright A2 fiber provides excellent protection against bending events, thereby lowering the total cost of ownership through reduced trouble tickets and improved optical power margins.”

“As producer of the world’s first commercial G.657.A1 and A2 fibers, as well as 200-micron and 180-micron reduced-diameter fibers, Prysmian Group has been long-established as the technology leader for bend-insensitive fiber. This latest release reaffirms Prysmian Group’s leadership position and provides valuable new options for telecom network operators,” added Marco van Dongen, Sales Director Optical Fiber.

For more information on this cutting-edge fiber, visit Prysmian Group North America’s telecom website at or contact Jon Fitz at [email protected].

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