Prysmian Group at FT-ETNO Summit 2019

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Prysmian Group calls for a renewed focus on the importance of network infrastructure today at the FT-ETNO Summit 2019. Learn more!

Milan   -   02/12/2019 - 12:00 AM

Prysmian Group, world leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry, will call for a renewed focus on the importance of network infrastructure today at the FT-ETNO Summit 2019. The Group’s Executive Vice President for Telecoms, Philippe Vanhille, will present his vision for successful future telecom and digital sector, speaking at Brussels’ flagship event on telecoms policy, the FT-ETNO Summit.

Sharing a stage with the heads of leading European telecom operators and politicians, he will present his views on the needs for future broadband networks, emphasising the importance of taking a long-term view in order to be able to build an infrastructure that has to last for 20-30 years, therefore reliable, with no service interruptions and a very low latency.

Today there is a real concern about the quality of passive components in the network, but we don’t talk enough about it”, explains Philippe Vanhille. “Telecom operators are now aware of the importance of building a reliable, robust fiber-optic network, able to last for many years and supporting the still undefined future demands for digital capacity”. High-quality passive infrastructure will in the long term reduce operational costs for maintaining and upgrading the network, protecting operators and users against the risk of potential disruptions in the service. 

For these reasons, Prysmian Group has invested for many years in improving manufacturing capabilities and product innovation, so to be able to offer increasingly robust products that are at the same time easier to install and with reduced diameter, so to be able to propose the right solution at the right price, and help its customers reducing their installation costs.

“Prysmian Group is a global company with a strong presence in Europe, offering a long-standing experience in the manufacturing of optical fiber and cable solutions for a broad range of applications”, continues Philippe Vanhille. “With seven research and development centers, Prysmian Group is the largest cable manufacturer in the world and, Europe. The high level of technical expertise available allows us to respond quickly to new requirements and to offer our customers tailor-made solutions of truly high quality, providing important impetus for tomorrow's telecommunications networks”.

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