Dow Jones Sustainability World Index: Prysmian Joins The List Again

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Prysmian Group was recognized in the ELQ Electrical Components & Equipment on the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for the second year.

Highland Heights, KY   -   16/11/2020 - 12:00 AM

Highland Heights, Ky., November 16, 2020 – Prysmian Group, world leader in the energy and telecom cables systems industry, recognized in the ELQ Electrical Components & Equipment on the Dow Jones Sustainability World index with an improved score of 86 points from a score of 84 points in 2019. , The recognition is the result of the 2020 annual review conducted by S&P Global CSA. Prysmian is the only pure cable maker included in the most recognized sustainability index at the global level, covering over 3,400 companies.

“We are very proud of this important achievement as it recognizes our commitment in constantly improve the sustainability of our operations, supply chain and organization,” commented Valerio Battista CEO of Prysmian Group. “Sustainability is also integrated as a fundamental part of our business growth strategy. We are strongly committed to support the transition to renewable energy resources as well as to a digitalized and decarbonized world, by making available the most advanced cables and optical fiber technology for power grids and telecom networks”.

Prysmian achieved the best results in Innovation Management, where last year's score was maintained, and in Environmental Reporting, Social Reporting and Talent Attraction & Retention, where the score was improved.

At Prysmian Group, we strongly believe that Sustainability and Innovation are linked together. We have embarked on a comprehensive innovation effort including product carbon footprint, circular economy and low carbon product innovations for Energy transition and Digitalization.

Innovations like P-Laser, the first totally recyclable cable ensuring higher and more reliable performances, can contribute to the development of better performing and sustainable power grids. The P-Laser HVDC cable technology was chosen for the development of German Corridors, a milestone of the energy transition projects. Prysmian is also committed to sustainable innovation in the field of the optical fiber and cable for telecom networks, as demonstrated with the recent launch of the first 90% recyclable optical fiber utilized in a pilot project by Dutch telecom operator KPN.

On November 24, Prysmian is launching a Sustainability Day with three interactive online workshops in a new all-digital format for its annual Stakeholder Engagement event, an important appointment to shape priorities for the Group’s sustainability strategy. Sustainability goals are achieved by working with our partners. The stakeholder engagement is a key part of Prysmian Group’s sustainability strategy.

In 2020 Prysmian Group joined the international business community in the 50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders, a forum where companies share their ideas and experience in responding to climate change, hosted on the Bloomberg website and 50 climate leaders hub.

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