New Brand Announcement For Aluminum Rod & Strip Business

Prysmian Group Announces New Brand for Aluminum & Strip Business

With over 50-years of experience in providing aluminum raw materials to original equipment manufacturers, Prysmian Group is proud to announce a new brand for its Aluminum Rod & Strip Business. The new ALASTA brand will reflect the legacy of historical and trusted names of ALCAN and General Cable with an eye on the future, as a premium brand with a full portfolio for best-in-class Aluminum Rod & Strip products, technologies and solutions to support countless applications including construction, utility, automotive, food, textile, electronic, electrical, welding & transportation.

“As part of our constant evolution, we are proud to introduce ALASTA as our new brand for our advanced aluminum technologies. Our new brand is more than just a new name – it’s a sign of our continued commitment to provide a better customer experience and to develop solutions and products that exceed the performance, quality, value and service requirements of our customers.”

Richard Parvesse

Senior Vice President, Industrial Specialties

Prysmian Group is one of North America’s leading suppliers of aluminum strip and aluminum rod. These high-quality products are produced using state-of-the-art technologies, are available in a variety of different rod alloys ranging from 1XXX through 6XXX as well as 8XXX and are suitable for either mechanical or electrical applications which have been long trusted by original equipment manufacturers and by the electrical industry. ALASTA production processes are environmentally friendly using Green raw materials and Renewable energy sources.

“Our new ALASTA brand represents our strengthened commitment to our Rod & Strip business and to our customers and partners. Our customers will see the same premium quality products they have come to trust from our legacy ALCAN and General Cable brands backed by an unmatched team of technical and service experts. ALASTA represents the quality, durability and reliability that is expected from Prysmian Group.”

Scott Sander

Vice President, Aluminum Rod & Strip Business

ALASTA products are made to precise customer specifications and are shipped across the globe to our broad customer base in North America, South America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Benefiting from a fully integrated supply chain and regional supply of aluminum, Prysmian’s rod and strip output is strong and reliable.