2022 Edison Awards Best New Product Nominee

Prysmian Group is proud to announce that its revolutionary E3X® Robot System has been nominated for a 2022 Edison Best New Product Award for its innovative robotic technology that enhances energy transmission efficiency, safety and sustainability accelerating the much-needed modernization of the US energy grid and facilitating the energy transition to clean energy sources. An annual competition, the Edison AwardsTM honors excellence in new product and service development, marketing, human-centered design and innovation.

Prysmian Group’s E3X Robot System is a new breakthrough grid-enhancing solution that increases transmission capacity for utilities on in-service overhead power lines. By applying a heat-dissipating E3X Technology coating on existing power lines, utilities can increase capacity by 15-25 percent without the need to build new transmission lines. Originally developed as an in-factory application process for aluminum conductors and field installations to new overhead transmission lines, Prysmian Group created and patented a robotic application process to meet a growing customer need that can bring this innovative technology to existing transmission conductors. Utilizing this robotic application provides utilities an incremental capacity increase to existing lines without infrastructure changes and enables utilities to use hundreds of thousands of miles of existing high-voltage lines to begin this transition.

“We pride ourselves on working closely with our customers on products and solutions to drive breakthrough ideas. We’re focused on research and development projects aimed at making progress towards the energy transition and decarbonization of our world. We are honored to see the E3X Robot System nominated for the prestigious Edison Award. It is truly a game changer for utilities and power transmission infrastructure.” 

Srinivas Siripurapu

Chief Innovation and R&D Officer for Prysmian Group North America

“The E3X Robot System is a revolutionary solution to upgrade over 600,000 miles of existing transmission lines without the need to build new lines, helping utilities increase capacity and enabling more power to be delivered, accelerating the much-needed modernization of the US energy grid. We are proud to develop innovative products and solutions that will enable the energy transition.”

Andrea Pirondini

Chief Executive Officer of Prysmian Group North America

As the world moves towards a decarbonized economy, a more efficient grid is critical to building a clean-powered future. The U.S. will need nearly $320 billion in investments in the next 10 years to upgrade and build new transmission lines. The use of the E3XRobot System will boost energy transmission efficiency and enhance grid sustainability and is in alignment with the U.S. national goal for the reduction of CO2 by 50 percent before 2030.

Named after inventor Thomas Edison, the Edison Awards have recognized and honored some of the most innovative new products, services and business leaders from around the world since 1987. Like the famous inventor, the awards personify the persistence, excellence and human drive for innovation, creativity and ingenuity. The Edison Awards Gala and Celebration activities will be held in April 2022 in Fort Myers, Florida.