Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion in The Workplace

Prysmian Group stands strong in its commitment to revolutionary leadership and development through Diversity & Inclusion for its more than 28,000 employees worldwide. Among Prysmian Group’s priority objectives in this space include creating an inclusive and equitable workplace culture that listens to the diverse perspectives of its employees, enhancing recruitment and attrition of women in leadership positions, and providing professional development opportunities for all employees related to Diversity & Inclusion.

As a strategic priority, Prysmian Group has setup a new global Diversity & Inclusion Steering Committee tasked with overseeing all Diversity & Inclusion objectives at each organizational level and supporting actions used to achieve and promote cultural change within the work environment. The Diversity & Inclusion Steering Committee, composed of Prysmian Group employees from a variety of positions and job titles across the globe, is being co-led by Aysun Kalmik, Human Resources Director at Prysmian Group Turkey.

Immediate action items from this work resulted in Prysmian Group’s commitment to achieve the following objectives by 2022:


Ensure at least 40% of new hires in professional positions are women
(compared to 30% in 2016)


Ensure at least 25% of individuals in management positions – from junior to senior level – are women
(compared to 22% in 2016)


Improve gender balance within executive positions to at least 18%
(compared to 6% in 2016)

Additionally, in early May 2021, Prysmian Group hosted its Global eNclusion Week, a five-day digital employee workshop and training series dedicated to enhancing Diversity & Inclusion practices across the company.

Featuring a series of digital panels and workshops, eNclusion Week highlighted the importance of building diverse and inclusive workspaces and focused on four main themes: Gender Diversity; Diversity & Inclusion (in all forms); Inclusive Culture in the workplace; and Generational Diversity & Inclusion.

“We strongly believe that leveraging gender, age and cultural diversity means creating more value and we are constantly building a work environment where all our employees can feel understood, respected and included, just as they are. This training series is more than an aspiration: it is a necessity, or better, a business case for companies like ours to advance and work with customers, suppliers and shareholders with different backgrounds and cultures. To improve our approach, it is necessary to raise awareness and build a positive dialogue, which can contribute to advancing Prysmian Group’s corporate culture.”

Fabrizio Rutschmann

Chief Human Resources Officer at Prysmian Group

Prysmian Group values all individuals, backgrounds, leadership styles and attitudes within the company. Its global footprint enables the company to promote an inclusive environment, encouraging the development of a corporate culture that is, indeed, diverse and inclusive.