Ducted systems provide extra mechanical protection for cable in direct burial applications during installation and for the long term. It is used for utilities (primary and secondary distribution), highway lighting, airport lighting, parking lots and sports complexes. Ducted systems also offer physical and corrosive protection from the underground elements as well as ease of cable replacement.


Prysmian Group offers a range of duct options where additional physical, mechanical or corrosive protection is required for cable in direct burial or aerial installations as well as LSZH duct for use in facilities where flammability and smoke generation are a concern. The duct can be supplied empty, with a pull line, or with wires preinstalled.

Preinstalled Cable-in-Conduit Solutions

Duct can be preinstalled with various types of cables such as THHN/THWN, EPR-USE, XHHW-2, RHH/RHW-2, XLP-USE, L-824B or Type C airport lighting cable, fiber optic cable, twisted pair and coaxial communication cables, aluminum conductors and medium-voltage cables.
Preinstalled Cable-in-Conduit solutions offer a number of advantages over PVC conduit:

  • Higher material cost offset by lower installation cost
  • No need for expensive pulling or blowing equipment
  • Installation can be done with two people as opposed to three or more
  • Placement of duct directly from the reel, no need to handle sticks of pipe
  • No special bedding material required
  • No joints (splice)
  • Less waste (cut to exact length)
  • Lower coefficient of friction
  • Better cold impact resistance
  • Better bend performance
  • Shipment protection (no damage from mishandled reels)
  • Installation protection (no damage during installation)
  • Lifetime raceway for maintenance (versus direct buried cable)
  • If cable problems arise, simply pull out the old cable and reinstall new cables

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