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Prysmian Group has been providing unique value-added solutions to the irrigation market for over 40 years. We continual¬ly strive to develop materials that are environmentally safe including low smoke zero halogen materials for various applications as well as a full line of materials that meet RoHS standards.


Hydroline™ Submersible Pump Cables

Prysmian’s Hydroline™ submersible pump cables are specially designed for use within well casings to supply power to the submersible pump. Hydroline pump cables are formulated with RoHS-compliant materials and provide an operating temperature range between -25° and +75°C. Available in light-duty, heavy-duty and parallel constructions, as well as special made constructions upon request.

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Prysmian offers a variety of RoHS compliant cables designed to supply power to the submersible pump in various light- and heavy-duty constructions.



Prysmian offers low-voltage power cables for direct burial in wet locations in flexible and self-repairing designs.



Prysmian provides custom OEM designs for use in the Agriculture and Irrigation markets.




RoHS (Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment)


The RoHS directive aims to reduce the use of certain dangerous substances commonly used in electric and electronic equipment (EEE). Cables affected by this directive are those with a rating below 250 V (where the function is the connection or the extension of an EEE to electrical outlet or the connection of two or more EEEs to each other). All Prysmian Rolling Stock cables are RoHS compliant.

Prysmian understands the importance of restricting the use of hazardous substances in our products, and we take the necessary steps to comply with the evolving RoHS directives as they pertain to wire and cable products and materials.

If you have specific technical questions regarding RoHS or need a declaration form, please submit a request here.

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