Crane Outdoor Ports and Terminals


Crane Outdoor Ports and Terminals

Terminal operators require ever-increasing performance of machines and methods. This has led to the technologically advanced machines in use today. This special, movable equipment requires medium-voltage flexible reeling cables suitable for supplying power under the most extreme conditions. Prysmian and Draka branded flexible reeling, festoon, basket and chain cables for cranes and material handling equipment have been field-proven worldwide for decades. In these crane applications, requirements, such as mechanical strength and safety, have led to the use of high-grade mechanically resistant rubber.

Linking know-how with performance

Working in close cooperation over many years with many significant terminal operators as well as crane and reel manufacturers, Prysmian Group has developed extensive know-how about the special operating conditions for cranes and material handling equipment.

Features suited to a variety of industries

Prysmian’s flexible electric cables for cranes and material handling equipment offer significant benefits to a broad variety of specialized industry professionals such as OEMs, specifiers, contractors, installers, terminal operators and more. These benefits include:

  • Unique mechanical performance
  • Chemical and climate resistance
  • Customized and multifunctional engineering
  • Longer life