Cables For The Military/Defense Industry


Linking proven performance to over 100 years of experience in the defense sector

When it comes to Military and Defense applications, compromising on quality, standards and performance is never an option. Prysmian Group cables have continually proven their value by providing vital support to many of the world’s major military organizations.

Our expertise in defense cable construction derives from our experience and ability to apply specific and unique technologies in research, development, and manufacturing.


Prysmian’s 10,000-square-foot test facility is designed to simulate the rigors of land, air, or sea and complies with international safety and quality standards. The laboratory is a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) whose results can be used for cable approval and certification. Our manufacturing facilities are also ISO 9001 approved.


Rigorous testing translates into precise and consistent manufacturing. Prysmian’s compounding processes are fully automated with our custom mixing and processing equipment. This allows formulas for insulation and jacketing materials to be accurately followed for consistent performance.

Meeting a broad range of applications

Draka brand electrical/electronic and fiber optic defense cables are engineered for rugged and demanding conditions. Some of our proven applications include:

  • SONAR systems, both onboard and towed applications
  • Hydrophone cables
  • Minesweeping cables
  • Thermoset shipboard and field-deployable tactical fiber optic cables
  • Tactical signal, power, radar and wireless communications for battlefield power and communication
  • High-voltage, corona-free, high-temperature, high-flexibility cable
  • Over 5,000 standard constructions qualified to MIL-SPEC

Inside Military & Defence

Rugged field-deployable signal, portable power, radar and armored-vehicle products for an array of needs for ground forces which include portable power cables, tactical cables, communication cables, vehicle cables and radar cables.

Military qualified and commercial-grade cable products. Including: ignition cables, high-temperature power cables, aerospace cables, 400 Hz-power cables.

Wire, cable and fiber optics for electronic communication and instrumentation, power, control and lighting. Designed and qualified to MILSPEC standards for demanding military shipboard and naval environments. Including: Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) cables; fire resistant cables; shore power cables; hydrophone and sonar cables; communication cables; towed, minesweeper, tether, array cables; minesweeping cable; torpedo decoy towed cable (US).
In addition to the wide range of standard offerings, Prysmian designs and engineers cable for unique applications. Prysmian designs, compounds and builds cables according to specific customer needs from the simplest to the most sophisticated. This allows us to have an exhaustive product range covering all functionalities (MV/LV, Instrumentation and Control, Optical fibers). Please contact your Prysmian sales representative for further information on capabilities and a quotation.

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