ESP Cables


Downhole extraction systems are critical for crude oil extraction. The reliability of the electrical power supply to an Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) system depends on the performance and reliability of the power feed through to the wellhead, power cable, motor lead cable, pig tail connectors and related equipment, such as the pump and motor.


Prysmian Group has supplied cabling for ESP systems for more than 30 years. Our solutions are designed to deliver an extended operating life for artificial lift systems in even the most demanding oil field environments, including wells with high workover costs, corrosive conditions or high temperatures.

Prysmian ESP cables offer an efficient, rugged and easy-to-handle solution that delivers reliable performance in a package that is straightforward to install and maintain. Our cables withstand high temperatures and harsh environments and will resist aggressive chemical environments.

Prysmian ESP cables are offered as either a round design, which provides a high degree of flexibility and crush resistance, or a flat design, which is specified when there is a tight fit between casing and tubing. Both designs use Prysmian’s proprietary insulating and jacketing compounds to make sure they offer superior performance and an extended operating life in even the most hostile environments.

To ease installation and maintenance, Prysmian ESP cables are shipped on reels of a continuous, splice-free length.

By combining the technical expertise of our R&D centers, the extensive manufacturing global experience on both ESP and Downhole Technology products and our in-depth understanding of the demands of the market developed through our close relationships with many Oil & Gas industry’s leading operators, EPCs and equipment manufacturers, Prysmian is proud to be the only cable manufacturer that, for the first time in the cable industry, is able to offer an integrated ESP cable solution.

Each solution is designed for the specific demands of an application so is the product of close cooperation between Prysmian, the ESP manufacturer and the operator by combining the following elements:

▶  ESP Cable Solutions

▶  Downhole Cables

  • Tubing Encapsulated Cables (TEC) that carry data or supply power to a wide range of downhole instrumentation, sensors and electrically powered equipment
  • Tubing Encapsulated Fiber Optic Cables (TEF) that are used for distributed temperature sensing, pressure, flow, strain measurement and acoustic sensing
  • Hybrid Cables where instrument, power and/or fiber optic cables are combined to eliminate the need for multiple cables or optimize the space in the wellbore

▶  ESP Cable and Control Line Protectors