Service Loops Solutions


Prysmian Group offers a range of service loop solutions for oil and gas drilling applications. The range includes conventional design (standard cables in hose), enhanced design (BostDrive™ cables in hose) and superior design (BostDrive™ cable loops, no hose). Additionally, a full array of fiber optic and copper assemblies are provided for critical electrical, control and instrumentation connection applications.

The BostDrive™ family of top drive service loops and components has been specifically designed to eliminate or significantly mitigate the failure mechanism common to the hose-style loops currently employed. Utilizing the extensive global cable manufacturing experience and technical expertise of Prysmian Group in successfully designing cables for such rigorous flexing applications as elevators robotics, mining and crane applications, these loops are designed to have a life expectancy of multiple times that of conventional hose-style loops.

Copper & Fiber Connectorized Assemblies

Prysmian provides a full array of custom fiber and copper connectorized assemblies to meet specific customer needs. Assemblies are constructed and fully tested in a clean, climate-controlled environment by trained technicians, which eliminates many connection quality problems that emanate from field assembly.