Automotive Wire Harness & Assemblies

Draka Prestolite Automotive offers unmatched capability and experience as a global supplier of automotive wire harnesses and specialty electrical distribution systems. Our electrical product capabilities include primary automotive wire and cable, sensor cable, specialty wire harnesses, battery cable assemblies, multi-conductor assemblies, EMI/RFI suppression products and electrical integration systems.


With our cross-industry application knowledge, vertical integration with wire manufacturing and the strong Draka Prestolite Automotive brand name, we have extensive, global automotive experience and the necessary resources and services to handle your total program—from concept, design and development, to product validation, prototyping, evaluation and manufacturing, and ultimately, quality assurance and warranty analysis.

Inside Automotive Wire Harness & Assemblies

Draka Prestolite Automotive’s engine and under-hood product line covers the entire engine compartment, from the firewall to the radiator. Our products include in- and on-engine wire harnesses, full engine wire harnesses, fuel injection harnesses and more.

Thanks to a specialized portfolio of specialty wire products that can live in transmission fluid, Prysmian Group, through Draka Prestolite Automotive brand, has become the premier full-service supplier for wire harnesses used in modern and future automotive.

Draka Prestolite Automotive offers fuel Injector harnesses, fuel tank harnesses (gasoline and diesel) and SCR tank harnesses (diesel). Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) is an advanced active emissions control technology system that injects a liquid-reductant agent through a special catalyst into the exhaust stream of a diesel engine. The reductant source is usually automotive-grade urea, otherwise known as diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). Some call them DNOX or UREA.

As one of the largest manufacturers of copper and aluminum cable products, Prysmian Group has developed through its Draka Prestolite Automotive brand, highly specialized battery cable assemblies made of both copper and aluminum conductors that use ultra-flexible cable constructions rated for multiple temperature ranges. Prysmian Group is a key development partner to multiple Automotive OEMs.

Prysmian Group is a prime design and engineering partner to automotive tier suppliers and OEMs for specialty wire harnesses and assemblies used in light vehicle, as well as light-, medium- and heavy-duty truck applications.

Due to the increase in sensor, infotainment and electronic content, EV and hybrid drivetrains are shifting to higher voltage (48 V) batteries, requiring advanced cable capabilities and harness topology. Draka Prestolite Automotive brand assemblies are engineered to enhance the next generation of EV technology.