Service Drop Cable Wire Solutions


Service Drop Cables

Prysmian Group’s 100-year heritage of manufacturing experience is exemplified in our approach to flexible cables. AUTO-FLEX® cables, designed specifically for the automotive industry (robots, C-track/power track, material handling, festoon systems, etc.), feature stranded copper conductors sheathed in proprietary formulations of polymers designed to stay pliable through millions of cycles and in the harshest of environments.

AUTO-FLEX® Constructions

AUTO-FLEX® comes in two constructions:

  • Auto-Flex CFP (and CFP reduced diameter) are used for robotic applications in paint and welding applications, automated work centers, machine tool applications, pick and place robots and packaging applications such as palletizers.
  • Auto-Flex TC and TCP are tray-rated cables that are flexible enough for ease of installation and safe and durable enough for use in cable trays and power drop feeds.