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Linking rolling stock with the latest in lightweight, flexible cable technology

Escalating customer expectations, fierce competition and rapid technological changes are all driving change in the rolling stock supply chain.


Rolling stock manufacturers are looking for new solutions in both product and systems development to meet requirements around passenger comfort, operational efficiency, safety and speed.


Advanced onboard technology requirements, including enhanced data and power transmission, mean a growing number of cables are needed on rolling stock vehicles and carriages, including tramlines, underground and mass transit lines, as well as diesel and regional trains.

Prysmian Group is helping to meet such requirements

As the world leader in the energy and telecom cables systems industry, we’re promoting and driving product development and innovation in the sector. How? Minimizing the size and weight of cables and reducing the wall thickness of insulation and outer sheaths. All while maintaining or enhancing performance.


We offer a full range of products, from power and instrumentation cables to specialty transit communications cables. Our materials have been specially developed using advanced technologies to improve the electrical, mechanical and thermal capabilities as well as fire performance and life expectancy of the products.

Rolling Stock Product Portfolio

Polyrad® XT rail and transit cables are specifically designed for original equipment and retrofit use in power and control circuits and in motor leads. Polyrad XT’s superior heat, flexibility and abrasion resistance, combined with its reduced size, simplifies cable installation and permits higher ampacities.

As the industry’s first wire and cable with a dual 125°C/110°C temperature rating, Polyrad XT single conductor cables practically reduce your inventory by half, while meeting the requirements of AAR RP-585 and ICEA S-95-658, NFPA 130 and many more transit industry specifications. Polyrad XT single conductor cables are available in both 600- and 2000-volt constructions.



With its superior performance, reduced weight and smaller diameters, Polyrad® ULTRA is the next generation of cable for sophisticated train applications where space is at a premium. Polyrad ULTRA singles can be designed into multiconductor constructions that are 600 volt and rated 125˚C, ideal for high-density cabling applications.



A longstanding frontrunner, we bring improved cabling system ideas to the industry through better cable technology, superior safety, easier and faster cable installation, simplified maintenance, extended performance and improved cost efficiencies.

As a qualified supplier for the New York City Transit (NYCT) TX cable specification, we are an approved source for future capital programs and maintenance, repair and operational (MRO) requirements. When it comes to specifying cables that can handle extreme conditions, you have a complete selection of quality, high-performance Polyrad® XT cables.



Transit data communications cables are produced in multiconductor, coaxial and shielded twisted pair designs. Our high-quality products are engineered with outstanding thermal stability at elevated temperatures, as well as excellent performance in sub-zero conditions. An extra-tough irradiated thermoset jacket provides resistance to most oils, chemicals and moisture, while still allowing for flexibility and free stripping. We offer a full range of Cat5e, Cat6 and data cables (MVB and WTB).



From portable power and braking to electrical distribution, Prysmian offers a wide product range covering all functionalities, including: Diesel Locomotive Cable 2000 Volts, Electronically Controlled Pneumatic (ECP) Brake Cable, TRANSPOWER Head-End Power (HEP) 600 V Cables.




We have designed and developed an advanced, high-performing family of technological compounds for even the most demanding applications. Our technology will allow:

  • The smallest dimensions possible, yet in strict compliance with existing performance standards
  • Higher working temperatures with scaled-down conductor cross-sections
  • Higher physical and mechanical resistance, exceeding standard requirements by up to 10 times for properties such as abrasion, cut-through, notch propagation, repeated bending and vibrations
  • Easy installation—our technology and designs provide the cables with easy-peeling properties and low friction between cables, reducing installation time
  • Compliance with EMC requirements for the railway environment
  • Unique safety in case of fire outbreaks

Our focus is always on ensuring both human and material safety in any working environment. Our rolling stock cable solutions are designed to minimize fire hazards related to cables. The Polyrad Rolling stock portfolio meets all requirements of NFPA 130 for Fixed Guideway and Passenger Rail Systems including:

  • Maximum flame retardance as demonstrated by VW-1
  • Reliable results in accordance with NFPA 130 and UL Flame & Smoke tests UL1685 and IEEE 1202
  • Minimum toxic gas emission in accordance with BSS 7239

We understand that cables in trains must be resistant to a wide range of conditions, (e.g., high-speed objects and particles, cleaning fluids, fuel, oils, hydraulic circuit fluids, greases, etc.), as well as harsh environmental conditions (extreme temperatures, salts, mud, UV irradiation, etc.). This functionality comes as standard with all our cables.

However, we are also able to manufacture a broad range of harnessing solutions, specifically developed compounds and cable designs (e.g., formulation, compounding and manufacturing cables) according to specific customer needs. How can we do this? Our state-of-the-art technological capabilities and expert technicians and technical specialists.

Certifications and Compliance

IRIS is a globally recognized standard for the evaluation of management systems in the railway sector. The group is a part of UNIFE—the Association of the European Rail Industry—and aims to secure excellent service in the railway industry and enable railway component suppliers to meet globally recognized levels of quality. All Prysmian rolling-stock cables worldwide are fully IRIS certified, including their related production units and processes such as purchasing, inventory and sales flows.

REACH is the regulation of the European Parliament and the European Union Council, adopted on December 18, 2006, which modernizes European legislation regarding chemical substances. It sets up a unique integrated system of chemical substances in the European Union.

Its objective is to improve the protection of human health and the environment, while maintaining the European chemical industry’s competitiveness and strengthening its spirit of innovation. All our rolling-stock cables are REACH compliant.

Prysmian understands the importance of restricting the use of hazardous chemicals in our products and we take the necessary steps to comply with the evolving REACH requirements as they pertain to wire and cable products and materials.

If you have specific technical questions regarding REACH or need a declaration form, please submit a request here.

The RoHS directive aims to reduce the use of certain dangerous substances commonly used in electric and electronic equipment (EEE). Cables affected by this directive are those with a rating below 250 V (where the function is the connection or the extension of an EEE to electrical outlet or the connection of two or more EEEs to each other). All Prysmian Rolling Stock cables are RoHS compliant.

Prysmian understands the importance of restricting the use of hazardous substances in our products and we take the necessary steps to comply with the evolving RoHS directives as they pertain to wire and cable products and materials.

If you have specific technical questions regarding RoHS or need a declaration form, please submit a request here.

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