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Linking a complete accessory range to world-class services

Applying years of experience, Prysmian offers a complete range of accessories for all types of energy cables. This is backed by specialist engineering services to help you fulfill any power system requirement or specification. Prysmian's long and successful experience in HV and EHV cable systems has developed a comprehensive range of accessories for extruded dielectric cables.


Prysmian has established a state-of-the-art Jointers' Training Program to complement the accessories product portfolio. With training schools worldwide, Prysmian ensures that standard methodology, best practices, and proven tools are the standard for jointers worldwide. Prysmian has added Marshall Technology as one of its Training Centers of Excellence, offering specialized training programs to regional Prysmian customers and partners.

Click-Fit is a unique system based on a simple plug-and-play philosophy that allows for efficiently connecting high- and extra-high-voltage cables and systems from 72 kV up to 420 kV. The worldwide proven Click-Fit locking mechanism prevents cable movement within the stress control body caused by thermo-mechanical forces, thereby ensuring a reliable and fail-safe connection during operation.


Click-Fit joints, connectors, terminations and link boxes are available as part of our complete HV cable systems.

Transition Joints and Accessories for Fluid Filled Cables

Prysmian’s experience in HV and EHV cable systems has led to the development of a comprehensive range of accessories and services to connect fluid-filled cables with solid dielectric cables. These accessories are available from 69 kV to 400 kV and include: High Pressure Fluid Filled Transition Joints; SCFF/LPOF Transition Joints; Fluid Filled Pressure Tanks; PFT Solutions.

SPEED™ line joints

The SPEED™ line joints are based on ethylene propylene rubber (EPR) and cold-shrink technologies and are designed to connect two HV extruded cables in a fast and reliable way. SPEED joints are based on cold-shrink techniques (factory-expanded on carrier tubes) and are available up to 123kV Um. Prysmian’s SPEED line one-piece, premolded joint sleeves are completely manufactured in-house. Each single joint sleeve is mechanically and electrically routine tested in the factory, according to the applicable standards. All products are available in both straight and sectionalized options.

Environmentally Friendly Products

In line with the Prysmian’s sustainability targets and ambition, our newest HV accessories are all developed to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. Up to 170kV, there is now a complete portfolio of components available that are fully dry-type solutions that do not require any fluid- or gas-filled components.

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