CL Advantage

CL™ Advantage is the next evolutionary step in medium-voltage technology. Utilities have historically used round concentric neutrals and linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) thermoplastic jackets. CL Advantage incorporates compact conductor stranding with flat-strap copper concentric neutrals and a cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) thermoset jacket. With this combination of features, CL Advantage provides superior protection in a compact, light-weight cable that delivers a lower-total-cost solution with the following Advantages:

  • Higher temperature performance than traditional LLDPE-jacketed cables
  • Greater resistance to deformation
  • Lower line loss
  • Improved safety through an easier-to-strip jacket

Prysmian's medium-voltage cables are already the greenest choice for renewable collection systems. Now, CL Advantage technology is available for utility distribution systems. With its built-in cost benefits and long-term efficiencies, CL Advantage is the total green solution, allowing you to "go green" and save for a better overall return on investment.

  • Reduced copper in concentric neutrals
  • Reduced overall diameter and weight allow for longer standard lengths on the same size shipping reel result, resulting in fewer shipments and lower CO2 emissions
  • Cooler operation for better efficiency over the life of the cable
  • Optimal efficiency with lower line loss
  • Lead-free compounds
  • Available on returnable reels with ALESEA technology