E3X® Technology


More power – less cost

Prysmian Group’s groundbreaking E3X® Technology is the utility industry’s first heat-dissipating overhead conductor that transforms the power grid through reduced power loss, increased power carrying capacity and lower costs.


E3X Technology features a thin, durable coating that is applied to the surface of any TransPowr® overhead conductor. This heat-dissipating coating increases emissivity and reduces absorptivity, improving energy effectiveness and efficiency by allowing for a higher ampacity rating, reduced operating temperature and lower losses for a given conductor size, or reduced conductor size for a given ampacity rating—transforming power grid sustainability, reliability, resilience and cost of ownership.

Savings from lower first project cost or line loss will result in an accelerated return on conductor investment.

  • Up to 20% Reduced Project Costs*
    A reduced conductor sag or size enables optimized structures, hardware and labor for new lines.
  • Up to 25% Increased Ampacity*
    Maximizes capacity on new lines and lowers reconductoring cost by increasing conductor ampacity without upgrading existing infrastructure.
  • Up to 25% Lower Line Loss*
    Reduces conductor line losses via lower operating temperature, resulting in significant lifetime savings.
  • Up to 30% Reduced Operating Temperature*
    Lower operating temperature reduces power losses and increases power-carrying capacity, for efficiency and lower total system costs.

*Dependent upon operating conditions