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The offshore production of oil and gas plays a vital role in the energy infrastructure of many countries. However, operations relating to this production can be extremely energy intensive, with on-site power requirements ranging as high as several hundred megawatts for larger and more complex platforms.

We can provide a comprehensive suite of HVAC and HVDC cables and products for the transmission of onshore electricity to offshore platforms via submarine cable systems.


These connections are efficient in enabling a constant and reliable supply of power to offshore oil and gas platforms, creating an environmentally favorable solution by avoiding the local power generation, typically diesel-based, on the platforms. As the power from the national grid is cheaper than diesel generated electricity in comparison, it’s also seen as an economically preferable option.

Installation capabilities for Oil & Gas Offshore Subsea Industry

Our solutions to Oil & Gas Offshore Subsea Industry are specially developed for cutting-edge operations in the harshest of oil & gas conditions on both static and severe dynamic applications.


Our best in class R&D and engineering leads toward optimized operating behavior of the subsea systems that we design to the highest level of system reliability, safety, life cycle, easiness to install, and to interface with the other equipment.

Our end-to-end know-how encompasses from the design of the overall system, up to the design and production of any of its key components, including power subsea cables, hybrid power cables, an impressive portfolio of special thermo-plastic and super-duplex subsea umbilicals, high-pressure hoses, subsea accessories to fit extreme performances, terminations, and buoyant, workover umbilicals for well intervention systems, best in class ROV systems, sounding cables, pipeline heating systems and many other more.

Prysmian has also an experienced and dedicated team to provide 24/7 offshore services.

Just to highlight some of the key performances we provide:

  • Ultra-high strength steel wires—pre-formed up to 2,200 N/mm2
  • Special long-length cables delivered on very high load reels
  • Cables and wires designed for underwater depths of up to 6,000 m
  • Capability to reengineer to include the specially needed components to operate the wells, but on a smaller diameter
  • Fast prototyping approach, based on very strong R&D protocols and lab
  • Know-how on developing hybrid solutions by levering Prysmian’s unrivalled technology on subsea power cables

Staying at the forefront of the Oil & Gas industry developments and fueled by continuous investment on R&D, our cables go beyond existing industry standards and are ready to engage the future development of the subsea explorations and production. And our full value chain sets us apart, giving our customers a hassle-free single point of contact for all their project needs.


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