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Interconnectors have a critical role to play in the exchange and integration of energy into the electrical supplies of countries the world over. This technology, along with technically capable and highly reliable cable solutions, is fundamental in the wider development of regional energy transmission infrastructures.

We deliver comprehensive and fully managed Engineering Procurement Construction and Installation (EPCI) projects

We provide the interconnector cable system solutions, using our extensive engineering, manufacturing and turnkey installation capabilities, with a complete project management approach, to provide the cost-effective, high-power cable connections our customers need. Working in close partnership with them, Prysmian Group sits at the forefront of the interconnectors sector. In doing so, we’re pushing the boundaries, achieving new levels of performance and economic efficiency in our HVDC cable systems. Our clients then gain the advantage of these benefits, as they carry out the development, extension and upgrading of their power grids.

That includes the paper-insulated solutions of MI and MI-PPL, and extruded cables with both P-Laser and XLPE insulation systems. For us, innovation is a never-ending process, illustrated by our current activities focused to extend available voltage levels. In that field, we’re currently developing an 800 kV P-Laser capability, to add to our current 600 kV solutions. We’re also hard at work researching systems and methodologies to enable cable connections to be made at increased water depths, reaching 3,000 meters.


One of our greatest assets is our capability to provide a comprehensive package for our customers. With our end-to-end service, utilizing our range of extensive manufacturing resources, installation and engineering assets, including our fleet of world-class cable laying vessels, we are a single-source provider offering full EPCI turnkey cable system solutions to meet our customer requirements. Our full value chain sets us apart, giving our customers a hassle-free single point of contact for all their project needs.

Interconnectors provide economic benefits achieved through the delivery of lower cost energy sourced in one country and transmitted into another, as well as an increased efficiency in the use of generated power through the balance of supply and demand across greater geographical areas. These interconnectors increase the security of supply of electrical energy to specific countries and can help promote the integration and development of renewable energy, such as in the case of regional development of offshore wind farms, which can be quite remote from the centers of demand.


The offshore production of oil and gas plays a vital role in the energy infrastructure of many countries.


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As a world leader in this field, we have a long-standing track record of offering our customers advanced solutions with a turnkey approach.

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