Prysmian Group North America First in the USA to Produce 6912 Fiber MassLink™ Cable with FlexRibbon™ Technology

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Highland Heights, KY   -   10/01/2019 - 12:00 AM

Prysmian Group North America, a world leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industries, recently manufactured and shipped the first 6912 fiber MassLink™  Cable with FlexRibbon™ Technology in December 2018.

“Hyper-Scale Data-Centers are driving demand for ultra-high fiber count cables and with the U.S. leading the world in hyper-scale data-center construction, it makes sense to produce these cables domestically,” said Greg Williams, Sales Director, Prysmian Group. “As such, Prysmian Group has made strategic investments in both equipment and personnel to produce the 6912F FlexRibbon cable entirely in the USA.”

Produced in the Lexington, SC facility, 6912 fiber MassLink with FlexRibbon Technology provides an ultra-compact outside plant cable design that contains 6,912 bend-insensitive fibers, with a cable diameter small enough to fit into a 2-inch duct. By using FlexRibbon technology, ribbons are rolled up and packed together in small diameter subunits.  Yet, these 200 ųm fiber ribbons still provide the advantages of mass fusion splicing.  

“The fiber density speaks for itself,” said Jon Fitz, Director of Product Management (TSS), Prysmian Group. “We’ve gone beyond mere numbers to provide a more robust design that’s easier to install. With this amount of fiber in a single cable, we concentrated on a product design that would provide installers and splicers with craft friendliness and superior fiber management.”

Prysmian’s 6912 fiber MassLink cable uses a dielectric (non-conductive) strength member in the middle. This allows the cable to bend in all directions uniformly, unlike designs with diametrically opposing strength members in the jacket. It also avoids the need to electrically bond and ground the strength members. 

The addition of the 6912 Fiber Cable further expands Prysmian’s portfolio of MassLink Fiber Cable with FlexRibbon Technology.

Originally designed for use by hyper-scale data-center customers, 6912 fiber MassLink has potential uses in all telecom markets. For more information about 6912 fiber cable, please contact Jon Fitz, Director of Product Management (TSS) by emailing [email protected] or by calling (803) 951-4037.