Prysmian Group Introduces New 432 Count Microduct Cable

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New ezMicroduct™ product allows placement of up to 528 fibers, exceeding 432 fibers in a single 14mm microduct

Highland Heights, Kentucky   -   23/08/2018 - 12:00 AM

Prysmian Group North America, a world leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industries, recently announced a new addition to its extensive ezMicroduct™ product family. This latest addition allows 432 fibers and optional tone wires to be placed into a 14mm inside diameter microduct. 

“Multiple Microducts can be installed in the same space as a standard duct,” said Jon Fitz, Prysmian Group’s Product Line Manager for North American Telecom Solutions. “The higher duct count allows customers to defer investment by installing cables incrementally. It can also eliminate fiber splicing by permitting more diverse duct routes.”

A key enabler of this new product is 200-micron fiber Bend Insensitive Fiber. Remarkably, the glass in this fiber is identical to the same type of 250-micron fiber. This permits it to be seamlessly spliced to legacy fibers using standard splice equipment.

 “Many microduct users want higher fiber counts, as well as the ability to locate installed cables,” said Marc-Olivier Blais, who manages the ezMicroduct product line. “This new design supports both requirements without forcing customers to choose between a 432 count and the inclusion of tone wires. In fact, our new design also boasts capacity for an additional 96 fibers bringing the total to 528, making it one of the highest fiber density microduct products on the market.”

With this latest product enhancement, Prysmian Group is reaffirming its leadership role in technology development for new, reliable and efficient broadband networks.
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