FibreONE Partnership Expands Offering with New Partner INNO Instrument

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Expansion in Unprecedented Partnership Elevates Support for High-Speed Broadband Infrastructure Development in Rural Canada

Highland Heights, KY   -   24/10/2022 - 09:00 AM

The FibreONE partnership today announced the addition of INNO Instrument as the latest global supplier to join Prysmian Group, Clearfield, Inc., Dura-Line, MacLean Network Solutions, Oldcastle Infrastructure and Primex in an unprecedented partnership aimed at delivering comprehensive high-speed broadband to Canadian citizens in all provinces and territories by 2030. FibreONE offers the broadest possible range of telecommunication solutions, leveraging each partner company’s strong technologies to deliver one best-in-class solution to customers. INNO Instrument will bring comprehensive solutions for building innovative optical communication and connectivity to the already robust partnership and offering.

“We are proud to work together through this FibreONE partnership to provide the best technology, solutions and support needed to expand broadband access in Canada.,” said Ken Raquel, FibreONE Program Director at Prysmian Group. “The addition of INNO Instrument is crucial to supporting the Canadian government’s initiatives aimed at providing high-speed broadband access to all Canadians, including those in rural areas.”

FibreONE’s unique partnership and offering features industry-leading technologies from seven individual manufacturers:

  • Prysmian Group, the world leader in the energy and telecom cable industry and the largest global manufacturer of cables.

  • Clearfield, Inc., the specialist in fiber management for service providers, accelerating cost-effective fiber fed deployments with the industry's most craft-friendly fiber optic management and pathway products.

  • Dura-Line, the leading international manufacturer and distributor of communication and energy infrastructure products and systems including conduit, cable-in-conduit, pipe and accessories.

  • INNO Instrument, a trusted global supplier and provider of key products and services for total optical communication.

  • MacLean Network Solutions, manufacturer of a comprehensive line of outside plant hardware for pole to pole, pole to house, and bonding and grounding needs.

  • Oldcastle Infrastructure, providing the largest product breadth of composite underground enclosures protecting essential infrastructure connections for communications and telecom markets.

  • Primex, offering premium FFTH and in-home network solutions for service providers, communications integrators and builders.

In 2020, Canada invested $7 billion to provide high-speed broadband access to 100 percent of Canadian citizens in all provinces and territories by 2030. Canadian provinces, territories and municipalities, as well as corporations and broadband infrastructure developers and operators are ready to effectively leverage these funds. The FibreONE program provides these stakeholders with a competitive end-to-end solution that is in full compliance and alignment with government initiatives.

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