Prysmian Group Completes Implementation of its ALESEA IoT Solution in North America

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New Smart Virtual Assistant for Reels Management Takes Cable Logistics to the Next Level, Boosts Circularity and Lessens Environmental Impact

Highland Heights, KY   -   30/11/2022 - 09:00 AM

Prysmian Group, the world leader in the energy and telecom cable industry, has completed the implementation and deployment of its innovative ALESEA smart devices into all its North American steel reels. The deployment marks over 8000 successful device installations across the North American Power Distribution business unit, resulting in direct reductions in the industry’s carbon footprint by reducing the number of reels used, maximizing the efficiency in reel transportation, and boosting circularity.

ALESEA, a revolutionary IoT device, transforms traditional cable reels into smart assets that support customers in improving operational efficiencies and inventory management while lessening the environmental impact through optimized logistics, minimized cable waste and improved recycling of steel reels.

“ALESEA is an innovation that makes a concrete impact on sustainability and innovates to make our customers’ lives easier,” said Brian DiLascia, Senior Vice President of Power Distribution for Prysmian Group North America. “Thanks to the real-time data it provides, this IoT solution reduces the time each reel spends empty and unused to reduce waste. With ALESEA, cable reels become more than a simple package; reels are now smart assets that we can leverage for the betterment of our customers.”

Equipped with a GPS tracker, environmental sensors, motion detectors and mobile communications, ALESEA lets customers track real-time reel location and identify potential theft or manipulation. Customers access inventory visibility, actionable notifications and information about their cable reels' geolocation, status, usage, and handling conditions using ALESEA's cloud-based and intuitive web platform. Through this data, ALESEA aims to keep cable waste and scrap to a minimum.

“By 2030, ALESEA aims to help reduce the industry’s CO2 emissions by 21 percent,” said Maura Nespoli, Vice President of Sustainable Solutions for Prysmian Group North America. “It's a revolutionary innovation in our industry from a sustainability standpoint. ALESEA not only works to make our customers' operational logistics a smoother process but also helps reduce the number of reels used and boost circularity by helping empty cable reels go back into the supply chain instead of ending in the landfill.”

By making the transport of empty drums more efficient, ALESEA will play a vital role in the industry, helping companies lessen CO2 emissions by maximizing transportation and recycling efficiencies and reducing the need for new steel reel production.

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