Prysmian Group North America Hosts Global Sustainability Week Events

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Highland Heights, KY   -   20/06/2022 - 10:00 AM

Prysmian Group, the world leader in the energy and telecom cable industry, kicks off Global Sustainability Week on June 20-24 with digital events centering around the Group’s commitment to sustainability and initiatives that advance this commitment. Top management at Prysmian’s Milan headquarters, business units and regional offices around the world will share progress on their sustainability strategy and how it is impacting the Group's business, its innovative DNA and flagship technology.

The event, called “We are what we do. Sustainability is not an act, but a habit,” is built on the belief that grid interconnections are crucial in the energy transition and for global energy autonomy. To meet future global challenges and create value for all stakeholders, it’s necessary to integrate sustainability as a driver of technological innovation into Prysmian’s core business and daily operations. The Group’s proactive approach to creating cutting-edge solutions and products will support the energy transition and a decarbonized modern grid as well as producing positive social impacts.

“Sustainability is not something just involving headquarters,” said Maria Cristina Bifulco, Prysmian Group Chief Sustainability Officer & Group Investor Relations Director. “It’s not a centralized, top-down project. We need to involve our regions. The more feedback we get, the more complete our perception of stakeholder requirements will be, allowing us to align our priorities and, where possible, anticipate their needs.”

The main theme of the week will be “strengthening the links with the environment and local communities.” Each day of the week will feature a lead event by senior, global management dedicated to Climate, Social and Innovation topics. Regional leaders will take the floor for a deep dive into the day’s topic as it relates to their communities.

“Sustainability is at the forefront of what we do at Prysmian, and we are excited to offer sessions which highlight North America’s dedication to sustainable practices,” said Andrea Pirondini, CEO of Prysmian Group North America. “In partnership with our customers, we are making significant progress towards a more sustainable future, not just in the products we offer but also in the communities we serve, both in North America and around the globe.”

In conjunction with global presentations, Prysmian Group North America will host two virtual pre-recorded events:

Promoting Social Inclusion

11:00 am | Wednesday, June 22

Exploring social innovation, Prysmian Group NA will explore diversity and the positive impact on business results with guest speakers from Xavier University. They will also discuss the Group’s efforts to promote women in STEM and its focus on safety at work and at home.

Innovating Towards a More Sustainable Future

12:00 pm | Thursday, June 23

This session focuses on sustainable innovation, exploring the impact of the E3X® Robot System and Prysmian’s partnership with Exelon and ComEd to create this innovative new technology solution.


In 2021, Prysmian Group North America launched the North America Sustainability Steering Committee to further enhance the Group’s focus on environmental, social and governance efforts.

“It is not just about achieving financial targets, but more about how we can integrate economic, social and environmental responsibility into all aspects of our business. We are partnering with our customers and suppliers on a concrete shared commitment,” said Maura Nespoli, North America Sustainability Steering Committee lead. “These sessions tackle those key concepts and showcase the actionable ways we are striving towards all parts of what it truly means to be sustainable.”

Sustainability Week kicks off on June 20 with an event at Prysmian Group’s Milan headquarters boasting a strong lineup of internal and external speakers. Other sessions throughout the week will focus on topics such as climate, emissions, social, engagement, innovation and recycling. The event will also allow participants the opportunity to vote in the Sustainability Stakeholder Survey that will update Prysmian Group’s Materiality Matrix.

To register and see the full schedule of global events, visit the 2022 Sustainability Week website.

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