Prysmian Group North America: The Innovation Leader in the Cable Industry

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Highland Heights   -   09/02/2023 - 09:00 AM

Prysmian Group North America, the global leader in the wire and cable industry, has been recognized as an Innovation and Disruption Leader in a documentary series by TBD Media Group.

The documentary series focuses on companies that break the status quo and improve decisions for a brighter future and showcases leaders and businesses, like Prysmian, who have adapted and modernized their strategies. Prysmian’s film centers on various disruptive innovations, including sustainable cables and accessories, which hone the company’s focus on sustainability to prepare the U.S. energy grid for the future.

“Sustainability is at the forefront of what we do at Prysmian,” said Andrea Pirondini, CEO of Prysmian Group North America. “In partnership with our customers, we are making significant progress towards a more sustainable future, not just in the products we offer but also in the communities we serve, both in North America and around the globe.”

A key component of modernizing the energy grid lies in grid hardening, examining the risks associated with the current power transmission grid and strategizing steps to mitigate those risks. In partnership with Exelon and ComEd, Prysmian developed a revolutionary innovation in the form of the E3X® robot system.

Designed to reduce power grid congestion, the E3X® is a perfect example of disruptive innovation. The robot system enhances energy transmission efficiency, safety and sustainability. This groundbreaking robotic technology applies heat-dissipating E3X® coating to existing power lines to reduce power grid congestion, unlocking capacity by 15-25 percent for utilities.

Beyond addressing the immediate needs of the grid, Prysmian looks to anticipate future demands and facilitate the shift toward renewables, including wind and solar energy. The U.S. is currently on track to have 42% of energy come from renewables by 2050, but that number could be closer to 80% if current proposals are enacted into policy.

To facilitate this transition, Prysmian is beginning construction on its first submarine cable plant in Brayton Point, Massachusetts, which will manufacture cable used to connect offshore wind turbines to the mainland power grid.

Just like renewables, technology and data transmission needs are on the rise. Prysmian has focused on telecommunication solutions, including optical fiber and connectivity solutions.

“We have been tracking this market shift for some time and anticipate a significant demand for fiber optic cables to expand the broadband infrastructure need driven by government funding,” said Patrick Jacobi, Senior Vice President of Telecom at Prysmian Group North America. “We are retooling our Jackson, Tennessee plant from copper to optical cable, giving us another dedicated fiber facility in North America, but also allowing us to invest in our most important resource, our people.”

Prysmian continues to lead the world in wire and cable solutions, accelerating key future trends and making the world more sustainable. Learn more about Prysmian’s sustainability goals at

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