Prysmian Group Sponsors Italian Artist, Two Installations at Cincinnati’s BLINK® Festival

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Highland Heights, KY   -   06/10/2022 - 09:00 AM

Prysmian Group, the world leader in the energy and telecom cable industry, is proud to announce its Beacon level sponsorship of Cincinnati’s 2022 BLINK®, illuminated by ArtsWave, the nation’s largest light, art and projection mapping experience running October 13-16. 

Spanning more than 30 city blocks from downtown Cincinnati through Northern Kentucky, this year’s event will feature music, lighted displays, projections, murals, art installments and more.

Prysmian is sponsoring Italian artist, Alessio Cassaro of Antaless Visual Design, and will help illuminate two iconic installation locations: Cincinnati’s landmark Memorial Hall in Over the Rhine and the Mother of God Church in Covington, Ky. 

“Prysmian resonates with the themes of BLINK: of connectivity and community. As a company, we are focused on bringing energy and data to people around the globe with our innovative wire and cable solutions, but beyond that, we are proud to be a part of our local Cincinnati community,” said Andrea Pirondini, CEO of Prysmian Group North America.

Illuminating Cincinnati as “Future City,” Prysmian aligns with BLINK’s themes of positive change and lasting impact. Prysmian is committed to investing not only in cable infrastructure but also in a future that will change the world. 

“At Prysmian, we are constantly looking at where we began and projecting into the future: how can we create a sustainable world and a future built to last?” said Pirondini. “Our partnership with Alessio is similar in that respect: as he examines the architecture and the past within his work, he also uses a futuristic lens to reveal what could be through his unique projection mapping experiences.”

Inspired by the history and identity of spaces and places, Cassaro uses projection mapping to weave narratives that reveal messages hidden beneath the modernity of installation locations. Specializing in architectural mapping, Cassaro has rewritten the geometries and volumes of some of the world’s architectural heritage and has painted imaginative worlds for multimedia shows, concerts, festivals, theatrical performances, commercial and institutional events.

“I am proud to have Prysmian Group help bring my art to life for BLINK,” said Alessio Cassaro, CEO of Antaless Visual Design. “As an Italian artist, it was a special connection to learn Prysmian, a leading Italian company, has its North American headquarters in Cincinnati. This shows Cincinnati is not just a future city, like the BLINK theme, but it also has strong global ties.”

The BLINK festival in Cincinnati is live for the first time since 2019 and features 24 large-scale projection mappings, 17 new murals by national and international artists, interactive light sculptures and diverse entertainment.

“Sponsors like Prysmian are the reasons we can put on this large scale, immersive public light and art experience for everyone,” said Justin Brookhart, Executive Director of BLINK. “We are excited to illuminate these two locations with their support and we look forward to seeing Alessio’s projections as a part of this year’s BLINK experience.”

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