Giancarlo Pedote, Prysmian skipper, pictured with his yacht in NYC.

Prysmian Celebrates World Ocean Day together with Giancarlo Pedote its skipper and testimonial since 2007

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Prysmian and Pedote reaffirm shared commitment to a future powered by nature

Highland Heights   -   10/06/2024 - 09:00 AM

Prysmian, a world leader in the energy transition and digital transformation, proudly announces its continued sponsorship of skipper Giancarlo Pedote in the prestigious Transat CIC race. This 3,500-mile transatlantic race from France to New York City marks another milestone in the long-standing partnership between Prysmian and Pedote, which began in 2007. This sponsorship underscores Prysmian’s commitment to supporting extraordinary endeavors in the maritime world and aligns with the company’s dedication to sustainability and ocean conservation.

Recognizing our oceans' critical role in sustainability and renewable energy, Prysmian is proud to share its partnership and support of Pedote in honor of World Ocean Day, celebrated globally on June 8, 2024.

“Just as sailing requires constant effort to work with the elements of nature, Prysmian is constantly driving to advance the transition to wind and solar renewable energy across the globe,” said Andrea Pirondini, CEO of Prysmian North America. “As we commemorate World Ocean Day, we are reminded of our responsibility to protect and preserve our oceans for future generations. We also share Giancarlo's dedication to partnering with nature to overcome obstacles.”

Hailed as one of the four major global ocean races, the Transat CIC began in 1960 and has grown in popularity as an exhilarating maritime adventure that tests the skill, endurance and strategic prowess of sailors worldwide. With the backing of Prysmian, Pedote not only achieved remarkable success in the race but also championed a shared message of ocean preservation and power.

"The Transatlantic Race was a challenging yet incredibly rewarding experience,” said Skipper, Giancarlo Pedote. “I'm grateful for Prysmian’s support, which was instrumental in my journey. As we celebrate World Ocean Day, my hope is to inspire others to appreciate and protect our oceans as a vital part of our planet's ecosystem."

Giancarlo, supported by Prysmian, recently authored a book entitled Protection of the Ocean, underscoring his commitment to protecting the ocean and maintaining balance on the planet. Upon arrival in New York, Giancarlo presented the book to both Prysmian and Italian Consul General Fabrizio Di Michele. 
“Education is a foundation for any change. As Italians, the sea belongs to our identity and our history. We understand well how much it is important to preserve the sea water from the many dangers that are compromising its health, which in turn impacts our own health,” said Di Michele. “In this context I cannot but praise Giancarlo Pedote, Italian solo sailor that I met after The Transat CIC, for his book on the necessity of protecting our oceans. It is conceived for young readers, but it is a compelling source of information for any reader.”

Pedote, who hails from Florence, Italy, has been racing professionally for his entire adult life. Prysmian began sponsoring Pedote in 2007, when he started in offshore racing. With this continued partnership, Prysmian confirms its commitment to sailing, as well as a sustainable future powered by nature.

Prysmian is playing a leading role as an enabler for the energy transition and digital transformation across North America. Their unparalleled wire and cable portfolio, including subsea cabling technologies and services, are utilized across varied industries including power transmission and distribution, telecommunications, construction and infrastructure, energy projects and specialty industries for countless applications. The company’s advanced technology continues to make major renewable breakthroughs like the Vineyard Wind 1 offshore wind farm project possible.

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