Our People

Here at Prysmian Group sustainability means nurturing talents in an environment valuing diversity, fostering inclusion and promoting wellbeing for our people and the communities they live in. As an engineering and manufacturing company, its clear to us that our people are our key strength. Providing customers with cutting edge, competitive and sustainable cables starts with attracting the best people at all levels of the organization, giving them the right training, nurturing talent in all forms, and guaranteeing health and safety on the job.  Our approach is based on a “human capital strategy”  to create a strong and diverse human resources pipeline for sustainable development over time. We have set specific targets to improve employee engagement and reduce the number of work days lost through injury. Beyond the company, we seek to ensure our suppliers respect human rights.

We strive for sustainable value creation. Our compensation and benefits plans are conceived to align the interests of our stakeholders in the long run towards sustainable value creation by building a real, verifiable link between pay and performance both individually and at Group level. 

We foster long-term ownership and engagement. Our employee share ownership program YES (Your Employee Shares)  allows employees to purchase company shares on favorable terms, thus making them owners of a  part of the business in which they work. Over 9,200 employees are shareholders of the company.

We reward success. We offer compensation aligned with the market and competitive performance-based incentives as well as opportunities for international mobility  to boost development and growth. In terms of professional development, our talent management strategy encompasses performance management and ongoing training for both manufacturing and professional employees in a work environment that fosters diversity and inclusion.

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Life in Our Plants

Health and safety are important to us. The Group has had a "Health, safety and environment policy" since 2013 that guarantees a commitment to compliance with good management practices to ensure a safe workplace by adopting the  OHSAS 18001 standards. In 2019, Prysmian invested about €17 million in health, safety and environmental activities. Prysmian provides its operatives with training courses on equipment safety, proper waste management, and on the safety of machines and installations both during construction and in the maintenance phase. Courses not required by law cover on such topics as safety at work, first aid, fire prevention regulations, the consequence of alcohol and drug abuse, and environmental matters.


One of the drivers of the sustainability strategy consistently adopted by the Prysmian Group over the years is to “Contribute to the development of people and communities”, creating value for all parties concerned and contributing to the sustainable development of the territories. 

In the context of the Group’s Corporate Citizenship and Philanthropy Policy the Company has joined the Business Volunteer project, activating a series of social initiatives that are supported the concrete contribution of employees who “donate working hours”. As a result of these initiatives, Prysmian Group has donated about 7,000 hours of volunteer work.

Work in 2019 was dedicated to updating the Safety Management Systems, in order to maintain the certifications of all organisations in accordance with the latest version of the standard: ISO 45001:2018. The transition to this standard is still in progress and follows the timetable for the certification audits of the various plants and other organisations, bearing in mind the deadline of 12 March 2020, after which it will no longer to be possible to carry out audits pursuant to OHSAS 18001.


At the same time, in order to facilitate local implementation of the requirements of the new standard, the related Group procedures for the functioning of Environment Management Systems have been revised.