Sustainability Indices

International indices guide us in our efforts for constant improvement and in setting the highest of standards for our Group to achieve. We are pleased that our DJSI and FTSE4Good ratings improved over the years. These ratings assess the extent to which a company bases its decisions on social and environmental factors in addition to economic performance. They help guide investors when they make decisions. For further details regarding our reporting standards and indices, see our Documents & Reports page.

Sustainability Indices for the Environment, People, and Investors

In 2019 the Group was included for the first time in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index World, the most important international index recognised for assessing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performances of around 2,700 companies.

2020 rank: 87/100 included

2019 rank: 84/100 included

2018 rank: 79/100

CDP assesses transparency and performance in the management of Climate Change related issues. CDP also assesses the water resources management, through a dedicated questionnaire, CDP Water Security.

2020 score: B

2019 score: B

2018 score: B

The Group decided to join the CDP Supply Chain Programme, in order to involve the supply chain directly in the reporting and allocation to Prysmian of its emissions, in collaboration with the CDP. Significant suppliers, identified using sustainability criteria defined by the Prysmian Group, were invited to answer the CDP 2019 and CDP 2020 Climate Change Questionnaire.

Indices based on a assessment process that identifies a panel of global leading firms in terms of ESG KPIs.

2019-2020 included in

STOXX Italy 45 ESG-X and
STOXX Europe 600 ESG-X

This index collects Bloomberg ESG Disclosure Scores rate companies based on their disclosure of ESG data. Score is given in relation to the industrial sector in which the company operates.

2020 score: 45/100

2019 score: 40.5/100

2018 score: 40.1/100

The Standard Ethics Italian Index is an open-free stock market index on Corporate Governance and sustainability.

2020 score: EE+

2019 score: EE+

2018 score: EE+

The FTSE4Good is a series of ethical investment stock market indices measuring ESG performance.

2020 Score: 4.0/5

2019 Score: 3.9/5

2018 Score: 3.9/5

MSCI ESG Ratings aim to measure a company’s resilience to long-term, financially relevant ESG risks.

2020 score: A

2019 score: A

2018 score: BBB

EcoVadis evaluates suppliers on environment, fair labor practices, ethics, and supply chain.

2020 score: 76/100 (Platinum medal)

2019 score: 73/100 (Gold medal)

2017 score: 70/100 (Gold medal)

This report assesses the world’s largest widely-held companies in terms of their green energy revenues. 

2020 rank: 47/200

2019 rank: 101/200

2018 rank: 58/200

Major Sustainability Awards Received in 2020


In 2020 Prysmian Group significantly improved its performance in major sustainability indexes. The Group has been part of the FTSE4Good Index since 2015. Together with the improved performances in the FTSE4Good Index, Prysmian Group also improved its score in the Dow Jones Sustainablity Index World, to 87/100. It enhanced its score in the EcoVadis Index, reaching 76 out of 100 and thereby achieving Platinum Level recognition. EcoVadis is a platform providing an assessment of companies’ CSR performance (Corporate Social Responsibility) based on international sustainability standards, aiming at monitoring sustainability in global supply chains.

Moreover, Prysmian is rated EE+ by Standard Ethics, an independent sustainability rating company that provides a comparable and standardised rating system, long-term evaluations and fairness: the Standard Ethics Rating (SER).

Starting from last year the Group is included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index World, the most important international index recognised for assessing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performances of around 2,700 companies.

Prysmian Group’s focus on environmental sustainability is also borne out by the Group’s performance in the CDP – Climate Change Report 2020. Prysmian ranks among the leading companies that have publicly reported their environmental data within the framework of the Climate Change programme. The Group, included in the "Capital goods segment, scored B (on a scale of eight values from A to D), confirming its commitment to measuring, reporting and reducing its environmental impact, in line with the goals set by the COP21 in Paris, in addition to allocating its emissions to international customers that have requested it by completing the Supply Chain section of the Climate Change questionnaire. Prysmian also participates in the CDP Supply Chain programme.