Trade Associations

Collaborating with other industry members on technical and regulatory solutions makes the entire sector stronger and more innovative, and strengthens Prysmian’s leadership.   
“Collaboration is essential when it comes to sustainable innovation in the energy and telecommunications sector. Prysmian Group is an active participant in facing new challenges,” said Chief Executive Officer  Andrea Pirondini.
Prysmian's leadership in the cables sector means it needs to play a proactive role in dealing with new issues as they come up, and finding solutions by sharing best practices across the entire sector. Prysmian actively participates in major trade associations and industry groups to take part in setting policy guidelines along with partners and competitors. Reaching sustainability goals requires industry-wide teamwork. Membership in trade groups aimed at improving the industry’s sustainability is therefore strategic for Prysmian.


Providing global technology leadership since 1991

Ensuring global technological leadership since 1991. Members sign a Charter for a collective commitment to shared principles and objectives of ethical, sustainable and high-quality cable development and manufacturing.


Download the Europacable Industry Charter


Prysmian Group has adopted a series of tools and policies to respect the environment, human rights, workers’ rights, and to support local and vulnerable communities, to align with the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact. The Group implements these principles through a set of rigorous and transparent annual targets aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and feedback from its stakeholders.

A dedicated team of European sustainable energy advocates

A non-profit group advocating for a large-scale, efficient, renewable pan-European electricity grid to deliver secure and affordable energy. Areas of focus include efficient governance, a harmonized regulatory approach, and energy education.


RES4Med is part of the association Renewable Energy Solutions for the Mediterranean and Africa. RES4Med was initiated in 2012 as a leading platform for public-private dialogue in light of the renewable energy potential.


RES4Africa promotes the deployment of large-scale and decentralized renewable energy solutions in Sub-Saharan African markets to meet local energy needs for growth.


Since the CharIN association’s inception in 2015, it is now 170 members strong and growing. As original equipment manufacturers continue the transition to CCS, they are covering all requirements in the diverse e-Mobility ecosystem from bikes, passenger vehicles, buses and trucks, to other forms of transportation.


This 150-member group created in 2004 works to accelerate the spread of fibre-based connectivity. Its vision is for a sustainable future enabled by economic growth generated by new services on high speed fibre to the home.

More than 450 members including manufacturers, suppliers and academics have joined forces to promote wind energy around the world through research, outreach, seminars and policy positions.


The U.S. Green Building Council is committed to a sustainable, prosperous future through LEED, the leading program for green buildings and communities worldwide.


Companies around the world rely on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) for a single set of criteria when reporting their sustainability programs. Prysmian Group has joined the GRI Community to further support this global transparency effort, helping lead its industry forward toward a more sustainable future.

The Alliance is a group of 23 leading Electric Utility Procurement Departments representing over $175B in spending and over 60 supplier affiliate members who are actively working to pull sustainability into their practices. The Alliance is leading the industry in enhancing and adopting sustainable supply chain practices across utilities and suppliers.