Prysmian Group Completes Brand Integration with General Cable

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Prysmian Group has completed the brand integration process following the acquisition of General Cable, launching a new multi-brand strategy. Read more!

Highland Heights, KY   -   01/04/2020 - 12:00 AM

Prysmian Group, world leader in the energy and telecom cables systems industry, has completed the brand integration process following the acquisition of General Cable, launching a new multi-brand strategy and restyling of its visual identity and logos. The integration and rationalization of the brand portfolio reflect the commercial strategy formulated with the General Cable integration, in which each brand is assigned a specific business and geographical area according to a matrix-based model.

Prysmian's multi-brand architecture will continue to be divided into three levels: Prysmian Group, integrated with the pay-off “Linking the Future”, is the “umbrella” corporate brand, which represents the entire organization at the global level; three strong commercial brands, Draka, Prysmian and General Cable, which represent comprehensive product families in multiple countries; the so-called “global category heroes”, which represent a single product family at the global level; and, finally, the individual product brands. The commercial brand logos will also feature the descriptor “A Brand of the Prysmian Group”. The submarine and extra-high voltage underground cables and systems segment will be assigned the name and brand “Powerlink. A Brand of the Prysmian Group” to differentiate and raise the visibility of one of the Group's businesses with the greatest added value and technological content.

“For a company that, like Prysmian Group, focuses on non-organic growth and on its role as an aggregator in the cables industry,” explained Lorenzo Caruso, Chief Communication Officer, “it is essential to have a strong brand identity capable of attracting and integrating different company histories and cultures. It is also fundamentally important to be able to develop employer branding to attract and retain the top talent in the job market.”

The new ecosystem ensures high levels of synergy and integration between the corporate and the commercial brands while assigning each a specific role in interactions with institutional, financial and commercial stakeholders, and reinforcing employer branding.

With support from Landor, a global leader in brand consulting and design, Prysmian Group has also undertaken a significant restyling of its commercial brands, designing a new, more rational and more integrated visual identity. The new brand book also provides a detailed illustration of all the guidelines and visual elements that ensure that the Prysmian Group’s image is recognizable worldwide.

In support of the brand migration process and implementation of the new strategy and visual identity, the creation of a new brand center has also been launched, to provide access to all the Group's resources. The new visual identity will be applied to all touchpoints, from plants to offices, from corporate stationery to commercial and institutional documentation, from digital properties and websites to social media profiles.


Check out the branding update video on our YouTube channel.

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