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Prysmian Group’s array of CAROL® Communication & Control cable facilitates cable pull-ins and single-site installations. These cables are typically used for industrial equipment control, electric valve actuation and remote signaling, as well as communications and broadcast applications. These designs are available in a wide variety of insulation and jacketing materials, as well as shield designs to alleviate unwanted circuit noise.

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Multi-Conductor & Multi-Paired Designs

In many electronic applications, two wires are required to complete circuits, often referred to as “balanced arrays” or “twisted pair” constructions. Paired cable designs, like CAROL constructions, find frequent application in circuits requiring circuit-to-circuit isolation from noise, minimization of capacitance imbalances and a reduction of EMI interference currents. Circuit separation is further enhanced in those designs employing individual circuit shields in concert with an overall shield. These shielding systems are available from Prysmian in a myriad of combinations to suit the unique needs of the circuit designer.


As with CAROL® multiconductor designs, a wide array of insulating and jacketing materials are available to meet specific electronic applications. In addition, our communication and control cables are manufactured to meet the latest UL, CSA, NEC and RoHS requirements and approvals.


CAROL® communication and control cables are manufactured to meet the latest UL, CSA and NEC requirements and approval.