Industrial Lighting for Airports and Roadways

Lighting is a critical component for safety in airports and roadway systems. While illumination of runways helps pilots during aircraft take-off and landing approach, roadway lighting significantly improves visibility, increases sight distance, and makes roadside obstacles more noticeable to the driver, and therefore more avoidable. Prysmian Group provides cables with leading performance and reliability to meet critical standards for airports and roadways and improve their safety.

Inside Industrial Lighting

Prysmian offers a range of Draka brand FAA-approved, medium-voltage cables designed for lighting applications in safety-critical airport and airfield systems. These cables include FAA-L-824 in Type B and Type C, as well as a triple rated MV-90 cable approved by UL, FAA L-824 Type C and CSA Type ASLC. Draka’s airport lighting cables have been certified, “100% Buy American,” by the FAA.



Prysmian offers a variety of Draka brand low-voltage cables designed for roadway lighting applications. Available in UL Type RHH/RHW-2/USE-2 or XHHW-2, these cables may be installed in wet or dry locations, indoors or outdoors, in raceways, underground ducts aerial or direct buried.



Prysmian offers a range of duct options where additional physical, mechanical or corrosive protection is required. The duct can be supplied empty, with a pull line or with wires preinstalled. Preinstalled Cable-in-Conduit solutions reduce installation time, while lowering installation costs and minimizing waste.

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