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As the world continues its rapid urbanization, planning strategies—most notably for public transport lines—must adapt to meet demand.


Alongside the infrastructure challenges posed by the development of new megacities, the railway industry must also consider escalating customer expectations, fierce competition and frequent advancements in technology.


Railway systems themselves have undergone an intense period of modernization with complex automation developments, such as driverless trains and onboard communication systems. These advances demand cables with increasingly high levels of performance, reliability and safety.

Prysmian has developed new cable designs and materials to provide the latest in chemical and mechanical resistance, fire resistance, EMC behavior and enhanced transmission capacity.


We offer medium and low-voltage power cables, communication cables, and control and signaling cables, fiber cables, data cables and a full range of products to fulfill the requirements of different specifications of the authorities and/or contractors in North America, such as communication-based train control (CBTC) railway operational management approaches.

With an extended footprint in more than 50 countries, a fully comprehensive portfolio of products and services and undisputed technological leadership, Prysmian can address the fast-changing needs of its customers and is the perfect partner for railway and underground operators.

Inside Railway

Prysmian offers a variety of power cables for use in railway and underground applications including:


  • Low- and medium-voltage for traction power
  • Low voltage, low smoke, zero halogen (LSZH) for facility wiring
  • Medium voltage low smoke, zero halogen (LSZH) cables for traction power



Prysmian offers a variety of multiconductor 600- and 2000-volt signal cables specifically designed for use in railroad signal and control circuits in accordance with the AREMA Signal Manual:

  • Underground
  • Underground Armored
  • Aerial Armored
  • Track Wire
  • Axle Counter



Communication cables used in Railway and Underground applications include:

  • QFCI
  • Thermoset Fiber All-Dielectric Rodent Resistant—NFPA 130
  • Thermoset Fiber Metallic Armor




Road and rail tunnels, as well as passenger stations, require reliable electrical power in order to operate safely. Prysmian Group offers a full range of NFPA 130 & 502 products dedicated to road tunnels and underground, surface and elevated fixed guideway transit and passenger rail systems, ranging from fire rated power and communication cables to LSZH cables.


Alesea Virtual Business Assistant

Alesea is your virtual assistant for cable inventory management


Alesea transforms the cable drum from a simple package into an intelligent asset that supports customers in improving their efficiency in operations and inventory management.


Alesea makes the information about your assets always available, and autonomously updated by the solution. You get real-time inventory visibility, actionable notifications and you will know each asset’s location, status, history, usage and handling conditions, including:

  • Enhanced site security
  • Theft prevention

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