What is STEM IT?

STEM IT is our new five-year Professional Development Program customized for professionals interested in developing their careers in STEM roles and eager to make a real impact in our communities' Energy Transition and Digitalization.

We're hiring professionals who are passionate about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math who will have the opportunity to unleash their potential on fantastic engineering projects.

You'll join a team in your country of employment and your role will directly contribute to the local organization's results. Plus, you'll have the opportunity to be part of a global network!

We dream big. We value innovation. We are committed to creating a greener future.

As successful as we've been in the past, we have so much further to go. That's where you come in. Join us!


Are you up for the challenge?

As part of the STEM IT Program, participants participate in a 5-year development plan built around initiatives, training, and networking, while playing a vital role in the local organization and contributing to its results.

The program starts on day 1 with a two-week Global Induction with tracked training developed by a collaboration between Prysmian Group Academy and a top-ranking business school.

After the induction, the learning path continues with training courses and networking events that will allow candidates to develop skills and unlock their full potential.

  • During YEAR 1, candidates participate in digital training courses focused on developing soft skills and diversity & inclusion to build the foundations of our diverse culture and leadership.
  • In YEARS 2 and 3, candidates participate in customized technical and advanced training courses through our Prysmian Group Academy, collaborating with top Business Schools. As a result, candidates will build a solid professional network and apply the skills they developed in their work. However, the STEM IT journey offers much more than that! During the third year, candidates are assigned a new role, depending on their performance, strongly linked to the core of our business.
  • In YEARS 4 and 5, candidates have the opportunity to challenge themselves through engaging leadership courses. In addition, candidates participate in challenging projects and job rotations at the local or regional level, continuing their career in the Group.

The STEM IT Program Journey

What else is in for you?

  • Individuals with a strong interest in advancing a career in the field of STEM, such as Manufacturing, Quality & HSE, Project Services & Installation, IT, Supply Chain and R&D.


  • Individuals with experience in the STEM field and an interest in the cable and wire industry.


  • Bachelor’s degree in a STEM field (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)


  • Fluency in the English language


  • Excellent communication and presentation skills


  • Takes a hands-on approach and like influencing colleagues with the power of data


  • Enjoys working in a dynamic environment

Applications for our STEM IT Program are now open!

The Recruiting Process

We’ve started our diversity and inclusion efforts with our “Side by Side” initiatives; we believed then and strongly advocate even more now that people create companies and their values and stories. Being a more supportive and inclusive company also means becoming better and more performing. Everyday activities and long-term plans pave our path. That’s why we have targets to achieve by 2030 in social sustainability.


One of our goals is to enroll 500+ women in our STEM program by 2030.


Are you ready to embark on a new journey with us?

Join a global network of STEM colleagues!

“I identify myself as a feminist, and as an integrant of the operations team, I couldn’t be more excited with the company's goal to hire 500 additional women in STEM by 2030. I am sure it will bring much value to our company and a new atmosphere to our plants. Women can work everywhere, and it is not a biased and retrograde opinion that will limit us, at the least not here in Prysmian.”

Priscila Kimberlim, Continuous Improvement Specialist, Highland Heights, North America

“My experience in Prysmian Group has been great. 3 months ago I decided to leave my previous job (12 years) for this new opportunity. Today I'm sure it was the best decision. Prysmian is a company to grow up, where the development of human talent comes first, enhancing skills and giving value to products with its people. My professional career development has been constantly supported since I began with programs like STEM it (MAKE it) and mentoring programs. They are part of the tools that make me feel safe and happy with my development and the future in this organization.”

Dayan Miguel Quintero, Process Engineer Manager, LATAM

“My name is Federico, and I’m responsible for Group Lean & Industry 4.0 at Prysmian Group. In my job, I have the chance to work on challenging projects and collaborate with colleagues worldwide. One of the aspects that I enjoy the most is the opportunity to combine the strategic view with the technical one, allowing me to develop my professional skills and support the growth of our 100+ plants in the world.”

Federico Donadeo, Group Lean & 4.0 Manager, HQ

“Working for Prysmian has been, and still is, a very intense journey. Born by chance, like all important stories, from a strong harmony with the values of the Company. A Company that asks for a focused commitment to the best result but which supports and strengthens its resources. Working at Prysmian means never settling for the obvious but going further and further, being part of a Team. Working at Prysmian has taught me to be always humble, consistent, clear and sincere. It has allowed me to share my vision of things and put my passion into the things I do daily, together with my Team.”

Marco Giordano, FOS Battipaglia Plant Director, Telecom Business Unit

“The company has been very supportive of me and my STEM role here. I'm very grateful to have been a part of different training opportunities, such as manufacturing fundamentals training and Six Sigma Greenbelt, I'm glad that Prysmian takes time to invest in its people.”

Carli Whitfield, High Voltage Type Test & Lab Database Specialist, Marshall, NA

“Generating an impact and global bounding towards diversity and gender equality was the main driver for starting my career within the commercial area here at Prysmian. During my first 2 years, I started to support the Nicaraguan and Caribbean countries which led me to focus my interest on customer delight and service quality. I have been eager to develop my career with an open and global mindset, and a few months ago, I took on a new role within the Product Development team for Central America and the Caribbean.
I can certainly state that Prysmian has allowed me to innovate, optimize, and continue adding value to my career while supporting our customers, their markets, and the business organization.”

Michiko Matsusaka, Product Development Manager, LATAM

“I started my career with the Graduate Program in Operations. I have ten years of experience between Manufacturing and Quality, focused on Continuous Improvement and Industry 4.0 among different industries. Today, I’m part of the Lean and Industry 4.0 team, leading a project that will allow Prysmian to enter the new manufacturing era towards Digitalization. As soon as I joined Prysmian, I discovered to be part of a global team with high competency and open to welcoming the digital challenges of our time. I’m aware of the importance of diversity, and I am committed to supporting the achievement of the global agenda goals, contributing with products that are essential drivers to our sustainable development.”

Maria Luisa Calvanese, Industrial Efficiency Manager, HQ

“If I had to find a keyword to inspire women who want to pursue a career in STEM it would be transformation. Ask yourself questions, try new experiences, and do everything to get to know yourself and others. Finding a purpose in life translates into a more fulfilled life for you and some inspiration for those around you.”

Cristina Elena Baisan, Process Engineer, France, South Europe

“To describe my program in one word: discovering. For those who want to start a career in STEM, I would suggest not to believe people who tell you that you cannot do what you want to do. Believe in yourself. There is nothing impossible for those with enough willpower.”

Juliana Camara, Supply Chain Manager, St. Jerome, Canada, North America


Yes, it does. You will be hired with a permanent contract in your Country of employment.

After your local onboarding, you will join an induction together with the newly hired participants of our SELL IT and SUM IT programs. Here, you will get an excellent overview of our business, products, and Sales Strategy. You will attend the training organized by the Prysmian Group Academy in collaboration with a Top-Ranking Business School. During the program, your learning path will continue through technical and advanced training and networking events with our senior leaders.

By joining us, you’ll have the opportunity to develop your career and thrive thanks to our Prysmian Group Academy, offering technical training that will help you quickly get up to speed on the business and our culture. Based on performance and potential, you’ll also be able to join selective leadership training in partnership with Top Business Schools.