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Women in STEM

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We started our diversity and inclusion efforts with our “Side by Side” initiative; we believed then and strongly advocated that people create companies and their values and stories daily.


Being a more supportive and inclusive company also means becoming better and performing. This is our everyday mission for a long-term plan. As a company, we have defined targets to achieve by 2030 in social sustainability.


One of our goals is to hire and develop 500+ women in a fully dedicated STEM program by 2030 and inspire the new generation of women to pursue a career in technical and scientific roles.


Within our STEM IT Program, you will have the opportunity to take on a challenging role and contribute to the results of the local organization.


We look forward to engaging you in training & career development opportunities. We will support your growth through Mentoring and Coaching programs (based on performance) and you will join our global network of #PrysmianGroupWomenInSTEM.


We are strongly committed to Diversity and Inclusion and aim to create tools and conditions that allow all the employees to manage their individual life and work better.


Hence we launched our global maternity and remote working policies to align with the policies of each location.

You have the potential to make your mark

We believe in the power of innovation. and you can help us push our boundaries forward.

YOU can make change happen.

We need your competencies, ideas and ways of thinking to improve our work environment and make the company even more prosperous..

YOU can impact the world.

Are you ready to seize the opportunity?

Be part of an inclusive and diverse network


“Generating an impact and global bounding towards diversity and gender equality was the main driver for starting my career within the commercial area here at Prysmian.
During my first 2 years, I started to support the Nicaraguan and Caribbean countries which led me to focus my interest on customer delight and service quality. I have been eager to develop my career with an open and global mindset and, few months ago, I took on a new role within the Product Development team for Central America and the Caribbean.
I can certainly state that Prysmian has giving me the opportunity to innovate, optimize, and continue adding value to my career while supporting our customers, theirs markets and the business organization as a whole.”

Michiko Matsusaka, Product Development Manager, LATAM


“I started my career with a graduate program in Operations and I have almost 10 years’ experience between Manufacturing and Quality, focused on Continuous Improvement and Industry 4.0 among different industries.
I joined this program at Prysmian and today I’m part of the Lean and Industry 4.0 team, leading project that will allow Prysmian entering in the new era of manufacturing towards Digitalization.
As soon as I joined Prysmian, I discovered to be part of a global team, with high competency and open to welcome digital challenges of our time. I’m aware about the importance of diversity and I am committed to supporting the achievement of the global agenda goals, contributing with products that are essential drivers to our sustainable development.”

Maria Luisa Calvanese, Industrial Efficiency Manager, HQ


“I became interested in science and technology at a very young age. I loved math and understanding how things worked and came together. During my career, I had the opportunity to work at different production sites, in Jackson, Tennessee, then in Marshall, Texas. The overall experience has been great. I developed my technical skills and made a lot of wonderful connections within the company. My suggestion to those women who would like to pursue a career in STEM is to do not place yourself in a box: remain open to different ideas and be ready to embrace new opportunities.”

Marquesha McVea, Senior Process Engineer, Lexington SC, North America


“If I had to find a keyword to inspire women who would like to pursue a career in STEM it would be transformation. Ask yourself questions, try new experiences, do everything to get to know yourself and the others. Finding a purpose in life translates into a more fulfilled life for you and some inspiration for those around you.”

Cristina Elena Baisan, Process Engineer, France, South Europe


“To describe my program in one word: discovering. For those who want to start a career in STEM I would suggest not to believe people who tell you, that you are not capable of doing what you want to do. Believe in yourself. There is nothing impossible for those with enough will power”

Juliana Camara, Supply Chain Manager, St. Jerome, Canada, North America

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