Environmental Performance

The concept of environmental sustainability

Sustainability is an integral part of our business, and environmental sustainability aimed at protecting natural resources is part of our effort to achieve our 2022 sustainability targets. In recent years we have made progress in focusing our goals and action plans to improve sustainability and environmental performance, reducing energy consumption and waste production in our plants around the world. In 2019 these targets were extended to the new, larger company resulting from the integration of General Cable in 2018.


The Group measures and reports the environmental impacts that are the most significant in terms of responsibility towards employees, local communities and as a competitiveness and value factor for the Group. 
The indicators used to keep track of the environmental performance of the Group are the consumption of energy and water; the quantity of hazardous and non-hazardous waste produced and the greenhouse gas emissions. 

The issue of energy consumption is a key part of our effort to protect the environment and safeguard the planet, and has always been a crucial monitoring and leverage area for Prysmian Group. Prysmian is committed to manage and optimize its energy consumption, by means of a systematic and documented system aiming at the continuous improvement of the energy efficiency, both at operational level and at organizational level.
As first step to reduce the GHG emissions from both our production processes and energy use, we quantify them.
Furthermore, since 2011 we participate in the CDP (ex Carbon Disclosure Project), an international initiative aiming to help meet the Kyoto Protocol's targets for worldwide reduction in greenhouse gases.
Water is important in our manufacturing process since large volumes are needed for cooling in the various production cycles. Over the years, we have reached an optimal use of water through recirculating systems in most of the sites and we continue our efforts and initiatives aimed at reducing water consumption in several countries across the Globe.
Waste reduction is an important step towards a more sustainable factory; decreasing the generation of waste lowers cost of disposal and reduces waste storage areas. Our efforts to reduce waste production continues over the years.
Whenever waste is unavoidable, finding the best recycling solution helps to stay cost competitive and efficient. In most of the cases, we send wastes to external authorized companies for treatment and reuse/recycle, allowing for a reduction of the quantity of waste being sent to landfills, or to incineration.

We have set clear goals and targets for company-wide improved environmental performance. Our environmental targets focus on two main areas: facilitating access to sustainable energy and infrastructure; and pursuing responsible consumption of resources. In the first ,  of annual revenue coming from low carbon products. In the second , we have set targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption, and are working to meet those goals. Furthermore Prysmian has fixed a target to recycle of its waste in 2020.

BABAA-Compliant Optical Fiber Cables

Prysmian optical fiber cores are manufactured in our Claremont, North Carolina Optical Fiber and Cabling plant. We apply the cladding over these cores in the same North Carolina plant, and all of our preform glass is of US origin. Prysmian is investing more than $50M in expanding our overclad facilities in the United States, creating a significant amount of new US manufacturing jobs as a result. 

SiroccoHD Cable

Leverages the capabilities of our industry-leading, 200 μm Bend-Insensitive Fiber to provide some of the highest fiber densities available. Prysmian offers solutions for microducts ranging from 8 mm to 14 mm, or larger, inside diameters. These small diameter cables combine high reliability with reduced size and weight for optimum blowing performance.

Product Details

ezSPAN® ADSS All-Dielectric Self-Supporting Loose Tube Cable

Provides reliable self-support performance for up to 1200 feet (365 meters). These cables uniquely combine flexible buffer tubes and swellable water-blocking to make ezSPAN the easiest ADSS cables to prep and access. 

Product Details

All-dielectric flat drop cable (1 to 24 Fibers) for self-support, duct, or buried applications

Product Details

ResiLink™ TF Flat Drop Toneable Cable (1 to 24 Fibers)
Toneable flat drop cable (1 to 24 fibers) for duct or buried applications
ExpressLT™ Dry Loose Tube Cable (2.5 mm)

A versatile, multi-purpose dry loose tube cable family designed for ease of use and buffer tube mid-span storage applications.

Product Details

ExpressLT™ All-Dielectric Armor Cable

A dual jacket design with multiple layers of fiberglass provides dielectric armoring, superior tensile strength, and small rodent retardant protection.

Product Details